Egypt Cancer Network Current Status

Egypt Cancer Network: A Bridge between patriotic Egyptians in the U.S. and Egypt in the Battle against Cancer 07/03/2018  The Board of Egypt Cancer Network (ECN) in the United States of America is monitoring closely the various allegations concerning Hospital 57357 in Egypt. 57357 continues to be one of the premier healthcare projects in Egypt and in the Middle East helping children with cancer and advancing the cause of research and higher education. The ECN board has been in constant communication with the hospital’s leadership and Board of Trustees in Cairo. We have been informed that the 57357 Board of Trustees has voluntarily submitted to regulatory entities several documents that support the Hospital budget as well as different projects and programs. An independent review is underway, the results of which are scheduled to be announced in July. Egypt Cancer Network (ECN) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization established under the US laws in 2011. The mission of ECN is to support Hospital 57357 and Egyptian hospitals and non-profit organizations focused on cancer in the areas of patient care, scientific advancement and education. Over the years, ECN has gathered a lot of support among the Egyptian American Community across the US that believes in the noble mission of ECN and the hospital 57357. ECN has continued to sponsor institutions selected on the basis of their impact on cancer care, education, research and advocacy, namely: Hospital 57357, The National Cancer Institute, the Association of Friends of the National Cancer Institute, (AFNCI), Fakkous Center for cancer and Allied Diseases (FCC), and several Egyptian and U.S. teaching Hospitals. The ECN board and advisory board is composed of patriotic and committed Egyptian Americans and Americans who have the goal of serving Egypt and the Egyptian people. The board members are all volunteers, do not get any compensation, and many of them are also among the biggest donors for ECN and 57357. They are also esteemed members of their local community. ECN headquarters is in California and its office is donated by one of the board members. ECN Medical advisory committee is headed by Dr. Mark Kieran, a world authority in Neurological cancer and is composed of the who’s who of cancer specialists around the world. ECN has a very small staff of 4 part-time employees that covers the entire USA. This is one of the reasons why ECN’s yearly overhead runs between 9 to 12 percent which is an exceptionally low overhead rate compared to any nonprofit (commonly above 25 percent). The overhead expenses cover the different state filing, accounting, legal, part time salaries and cost of fundraising in different places in the US. ECN voluntarily participates in a yearly accounting audit by an independent firm located in Dallas Texas. All ECN financial information is in the public domain and is available for review by any donor. Our donors have the choice to donate to one of 6 programs: Area of greatest need (patient care/medicine/equipment), 57357 Expansion, Education/Research/Fellowship, Zakat, Naming Opportunity and Fakkous cancer center. These requests are followed strictly and this is confirmed in the yearly audit. Over the last 6 years ECN contributed to the following projects in Egypt:
  • Providing cancer medication (6MP) especially during the difficult time of the Egyptian revolution when a serious shortage in medications threatened the lives of thousands of leukemia patients.
  • Supporting the build up of the outpatient clinic for the adult National Cancer institute.
  • Providing medicine and chemotherapy for Fakkous center for cancer and allied diseases.
  • Supporting hospital 57357 with the addition of 60 beds to increase the hospital capacity.
  • Sponsoring a pediatric oncology fellowship diploma in collaboration of Dana Farber Boston’s Children cancer and Blood Disorders Center (Harvard Medical School Teaching hospital). The diploma is a 28 month training program that started in March 2014 and aiming at producing high caliber pediatric oncologists in Egypt and the surrounding region.
  • Supporting 57357’s new L&D program through which some 2000 workers received quality-targeted training. This will ultimately result in improved patient care and the breeding of a new generation of health care professionals with a likely ripple effect on this industry as a whole in Egypt.
  • Supporting the different research projects, educational and training programs for 57357 as well as many other institutions in Egypt.
  • Providing the feasibility studies, architect plans for the long-term expansion projects of 57357 including a health sciences campus which houses a new 300 bed tower, proton therapy, a training academy and a research institute. Lately, they have been involved in sponsoring the release of its related RFP and the selection of the global architecture and urban design firm, RTKL, for planning and designing the expansion. The selection process of the architect firm was done after a comprehensive, highly transparent process that extended for months between Egypt and the US. Over fifty companies were considered and three companies were shortlisted including (a) RTKL (a world premiere in hospital design and part of large global agglomerate), (b) AECOM (which is considered the largest Architectural engineering firm in the world), and (c) Johnathan Baily (an award-winning architectural firm which was the original designer of the 57457 hospital). All the three teams traveled to Egypt to investigate the future project site and then travelled to California for interviews. They covered all their travel and accommodations costs.  Each interview lasted four hours for each team. RTKL was the lowest bidder and was found to be the most qualified for the current project offering great project understanding and best value. The search and selection committee included seven reputable professionals (three doctors and four engineers and architects) including Egyptian-Americans and U.S. Engineers/Architects. With the exception of Johnathan Baily Company, there was no any prior relationship between the committee members and the shortlisted design firms. The committee overwhelmingly selected RTKL on a vote of 6-1. Further, a lengthy negotiation with the selected firm resulted in a reduction of their fee by approximately 20%.  All this remarkable work was done without any cost to 57357.All the Egyptian- American committee members were volunteers and the cost of the American Engineers members were donated to ECN.
  • Co-sponsoring a large awareness campaign in Egypt to educate the public on the different causes for cancer and the ways to avoid them.
  • Supporting hospital 57357 Electronic medical records and data recovery.
  • Starting the ECN “Sponsor a child “initiative that aims at directing specific funds for the treatment and support of a specific child.
  • Starting the ECN youth initiative for the Egyptian American youth to visit Egypt, spend training time at 57357 while getting exposed to their mother land and its vibrant culture. This became a favorite for applicants for medical, dental and pharmacy schools in the US.
  • Supporting the Training and externship for final year medical students from different universities in Egypt. This program will be hosting more than 100 students by the end of 2018.
In total, ECN supported all these different projects with close to 14 million dollars in the last 6 years with an overhead between 9 and 12 percent. The summary of the different programs supported falls under 4 major groups:
  • The support of the new campus construction and architectural planning, the addition of 60 beds to the existing hospital, the support of the buildup of the outpatient clinics for the national cancer institute and the additional design of a modular hospital to be used as a model hospital all over Egypt.(Total cost 9.6 million dollars)
  • Direct patient care and medications support: (Total cost 2.2 million dollars)
  • The support of the Harvard fellowship, all the different educational and training projects inside 57357 and other hospitals: (Total cost 1.3 million dollars)
  • Miscellaneous independent support for different projects over 6 years e.g. Pharmacy program support, Research unit support, Support for the media department buildup, Cancer awareness campaign support, support for the establishment of ECN Canada etc... : (800,000 dollars)
In conclusion, we would like to thank our donors for their support for 57357 and for ECN over the years. Supporting the cause of cancer in Egypt was the most noble of tasks we did in the last few years. We intend to continue our mission and goals with the same enthusiasm and energy. While we firmly believe in transparency and in the freedom of speech, we respectfully ask any private or public entity to check and confirm any information before making announcements or allegations that can cause confusion in the public. Such confusion can only hurt a good cause and dampen the enthusiasm for building a better future. Regards Egypt Cancer Network Board  

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