With amazing spring weather,the 2nd annual Fundraiser for Egypt Cancer Network 57357(ECN) took place at the Four Seasons resort in Las Colinas on April 6., 2013, attracting many Arab Americans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This year included keynote speakers such as Jonathan Bailey, the renowned Dallas-based architect of the Children’s Cancer Hospital, Egypt’s(CCHE) current premises and its future expansion Complex, Fr. Bolous, representing His Holiness Pope Tawadros, IMAM Dr. Osama Bahloul, and the famous Egyptian actor, Ezzat Abou Ouf. Sincere words of gratitude are in order to the event Emcee Dr. S

afwan Aly, a long time friend of Dr. Abou el Naga, VP of 57357, and his esteemed spouse Dr. Amal Aqul who opened the way to the launch of ECN’s Dallas Chapter . We are also thankful for the team working to develop the chapter: Dr. Waleed Elfeky, Mr. Hazem Morsy, Mrs.Mona Abu Sayed, Mr.Ayman Abdelgawad, Mrs.Reham Sherazi, Mr.Sayed Hassan and Mrs. Barbara Hassan.Because of their enthusiasm for the cause of Egyptian patients with cancer and their continuous efforts to rally Dallas’s Arab community around it, the Dallas Chapter is recording one of the largest number of adherents.


But the highlight of the evening were testimonials from every day donors who had personal stories totell. Ms. Yasmine Al-Hag, a first generation Egyptian American, spoke of her summer spent volunteering at the CCHE, alias Hospital 57357, a leading pediatric oncology healthcare institution providing free quality care to children with cancer in Egypt and the neighboring countries What seemed at first just something to do to pass the time while vacationing with her family in Egypt turned into an amazing bonding experience with the Hospital patients. Every day, she looked forward to the moments she would be spending with the children with whom she gotcloser, especially one patient , Jana, with whom she still keeps in touch to this day.

Through their personal experiences, Mr. Baher Haroun, Sami Ibrahim, Mai Moussa and Anwar Khalifa, all shared that it is only natural to give back when you are blessed in your life. Architect Jonathan Bailey related heartwarming and funny stories on how he initially got involved with Hospital 57357 founders as well as his experiences in the city of Cairo. He ended his talk with amazing 3-D images of the new Hospital Complex.

With inspiring words, both Fr. Bolous and Dr. Bahloul, spoke about cancer not knowing any creed, or social background and that there were no barriers when it came to giving to those in need. Dr. Waleed El-Feky paused for the evening and honored Dr. Ola Ghabbour, one of the founders of the Hospital, as she passed away this year ironically due to cancer.

Celebrity Actor and Musician Ezzat Abou Ouf spoke of his love for Egypt and his closeness and special ties with Hospital 57357.Praising its action in caring and curing the children with cancer for free, he stressed the need to donate generously for its future expansion as it is presently admitting only one out of five children knocking at its doors, its capacity being stretched to the maximum.

The evening featured at silent auction, Oud playing by Abdel Fatah Shabana which according to one guest took all attendees back to the good old days of Egypt.Donations were pouring in at the end of the evening and guests left with a smile on their face , proud and glad to be of help to their beloved country Egypt.

After nearly 6 years of operation the CCHE was able to achieve a 70% over-all survival rate in the average and to get closer to the 80-85% rates achieved in the developed world. As a result, and for the sake of not having to turn away any child seeking its free quality services, the CCHE is committed to a number of capacity expansion projects namely a 60 bed extension within its premises and a 300 bed green LEED building to be joined to the main Hospital

ECN is a U.S. based 501C3 tax deductible non- profit organization in operation for nearly 2 years now with the mission of supporting and providing resources to Egyptian hospitals and non-profit organizations focused on cancer. Among the organizations ECN sponsors is Hospital 57357, recognized as a role model charitable institution offering free quality healthcare services to children with cancer in Egypt and the surrounding region