Egyptian who works in The Emirates. Mina left his heart in Egypt; that is why he is always present in any Egypt-related event to offer moral and material support.
For instance, the charitable and kind-hearted Mina never fails to stand by the Hospital and its children with cancer. On the occasion of the Al Ahly and Roma Soccer Match for which he was one of the sponsors, he not only pursued to be supportive to his country but also instrumental in conveying to the whole world a message of praise to Hospital 57357’s humanitarian mission and medical action.
Mina put up a big banner carrying the name of the Hospital during the game. He expressed how proud he was of 57357 which is Egypt’s bright and hopeful façade to the world. Mina is working hard to sow the seeds of the love of Egypt in his children Adam and Farid and to teach them that patriotism is an honor and a duty for every Egyptian. He stresses that it is only through the efforts of Egypt’s people that Egypt would be a great Nation. Mina affirmed that he wants the whole world to know that he is standing beside his country and that he is proud of Hospital 57357.