Because our children’s well-being is what we value the most

During this month  we celebrated 8 years of operations for Hospital 57357

Instead of celebrating with words and slogans, this year we will commemorate all what has been accomplished so far…. The promises we made and the promises we kept…..thanks to the support and generosity of all of you who believe in the worthiness of our mission.

 Eight years ago, on July 7th, 2007, the Hospital opened its doors to the public to provide the best quality comprehensive care to all children with cancer free of charge without discrimination. Since then we were committed to a number of goals and promises we pledged to realize. During our 5th anniversary, we announced the recording of an average over-all survival rate of 70%, promising to raising it to reach the developed world rates.  Back then, we also revealed our commitment to a number of important capacity and program expansion projects, including the setting up of world accredited training and education programs to breed a new generation of healthcare professionals capable of ushering in a new era for healthcare in Egypt

 Today, after 8 years of operation, we affirm that the promises we made were promises we kept. Just recently, the Hospital announced the new record of 74.7% average over-all survival rate, almost 3% up from last year. This year, we celebrated the launching of the Ola Ghabbour 60 bed extension within our premises and the opening of the 60 bed Tanta branch to reach out to our sick children in the Delta and ease the commuting burden on their families. We also celebrated the launching of a pediatric oncology fellowship training program in collaboration with Dana Farber Boston Children’s Cancer Center to create a pool of highly qualified pediatric oncology physicians.

Presently we are running ahead of time to execute a number of important expansion projects including a 300 bed in-patient tower, a health Sciences Training Academy, an advanced research institute and a guest house for our patients’ families.

Still our most important achievement remains to be the change we introduced in society’s perception of free of charge healthcare and of cancer disease. Free care is no more synonymous of poor quality care. Cancer is no more a deadly disease. Cancer can be defeated and increasing cure rates of our patients at 57357 are the best example for that. Our little heroes are overcoming cancer with courage, faith, and confidence that at 57357 they are receiving the best of care and are maximizing their chances of cure.

57357 is truly the place where their families do not worry about the cost of treatment. Every single service offered is free of charge.

57357 is the place where all services provided are on par with those offered at the best hospitals worldwide.

This is a place where the patient feels at home and where physicians and nurses are his friends and family.

A place that does not stop at present achievements but is determined to constantly pursue excellence through continuous education and training and collaborations with the top cancer centers and universities in the world

A place that is not only concerned with treatment but also with prevention and awareness

A place that is supported by charitable generous people and by devoted employees who are doing their utmost without expecting any returns.

 Today as we celebrate our 8th anniversary, we affirm that we are grateful first to God almighty and second to your support for all what has been accomplished so far.  It is because of your support and your belief in the worthiness of our cause and the right of our children to access the best quality care, that we are able to continue the journey…