Hospital 57357 holds a weekly webinar (a discussion over the internet) that gathers the Hospital’s physicians in Egypt and Egyptian and Arab physicians, members of the Egyptian Cancer Network, ECN in the USA.

The webinar is held in Arabic so everyone can view it on Facebook. The target of the webinar is exchanging information and benefiting from previous experiences in facing the pandemic, and spreading out awareness among citizens.


This webinar is an important initiative for exchanging information, expertise and awareness about everything regarding corona virus and latest news about its treatment. It is an expression of how the whole world speaks the same language, carries the same burden and fights the same war against a fierce enemy,

Among the important information the webinar handled during the last two weeks:

–       Raising awareness among citizens and warning them against following treatment protocols exchanged through whats app and social media, for the dangers these medications may cause if taken without medical supervision, since each medication including zink and vitamin D tablets should be given with a dose that relates to the weight and state of the body. Vitamin C too is often taken randomly despite that an over dose may be dangerous to kidney functions.

–       To inform corona patients and warn them against taking Hydroxychloroquine , the malaria medication, without prescription and careful medical supervision, so it wouldn’t cause severe complications, according to WHO recommendations.

–       The webinar discussions also included the importance of using data to predict the virus spread out, so we can be ready for future scenarios. The numbers confirmed that the virus didn’t withdraw with hotter weather as expected, which means it could continue to spread for another period, and we need to learn how to live with it.

–      the webinar included awareness about the needs and requirements during the stage of living with the virus, of which the most important is committing to precautionary procedures and investing in diagnostic tests to detect positive cases and isolats them, these measurements limit the spread of the virus until a medication or vaccine is materialized.

–       During the webinar doctors exchanged  studies and experiments revealing that obesity, diabetes and lack of immunity reduce the speed of healing  from the  virus and increases its severity.

–       Promising information revealed by doctors included that people infected with the disease get immunity against second infection after healing as revealed by studies and experiments in the US.

–       The physicians also discussed the importance for the treating doctor to know the patient’s medical history that would enable him to specify the suitable treatment protocol.

A big group of 57357’s doctors and ECN members shared in the webinar including Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, Dr. Hesham Alseify, Dr. Ahmed Albershawi, Dr. Al Askary, Dr. Alaa Hadad, Dr. Alaa Younes, Dr. Rasha Qinar, Dr. Lobna Shalabi, and Dr. Nagwa Khamis,