Less exposure time to radiation, more protection of healthy cells, more patients’ treatment capacity, increased precision in tumor targeting

By the 20th of August 2015, Hospital 57357 would have received and started to install a new generation of radiotherapy equipment. Two Radio Therapy Versa HD machines with (VMAT) technology (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) will set new standards for radiation therapy treatment regarding speed and dose reduction to the patient. With this new technology single or multiple radiation beams swing in continuous arc(s) around the patient, radically speeding treatment delivery. More importantly, this new technology increases the precision of the physician in a way that maximizes the radiation dose to the target and minimizes exposure of healthy tissues to radiation This is one of the most recent radiotherapy equipment and the first of its kind in Egypt.

“It is common for a leading quality-seeking excellence-oriented cancer center to consider updating or replacing its radiotherapy equipment after 8 to 10 years of operation, especially if  the advantages of the up-dated technology warrantee such a move.” reveals Dr. Mohamed Saad Zaghlool, Head of 57357’s radiotherapy Department.

Along with the above mentioned radiotherapy equipment; the Hospital is also receiving new additional devices mainly Catalyst and Clarity which increase precision in tumor targeting and protection of healthy cells for patients. For example, the Catalyst helps in accurately and precisely defining the location of the tumor during planning and treatment stages. Clarity will make allowance for the potential internal movement of some organs while the patient is  receiving the radiotherapy.