During a visit to 57357 and quoting from the Holy Qur’an ,El-Sheikh Gamal Kotb prompted people to donate to the cause of children with cancer. “Who is he that will lend to Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times? ” said el-Sheikh Gamal Kotb during his visit to57357.

“I blame myself for having waited so long to visit this leading cancer healthcare institution,

which is a symbol to what Egyptians can do when they set their minds on it .All the money spent on this Hospital is but a fraction of all the goodness it provides. This is clearly seen in the passion, compassion and dedication of its staff at all levels in pursuing to offer all its patients and families comfort, free quality care, and hope in a better future. That is why everyone must contribute to 57357 through alms and Zakat. In so doing, it is as though we were lending Allah a loan which He will repay back in ways we cannot imagine in this lifetime and the next. My hope is that this hospitalwould be replicated to cater to different specialties and to most Egyptian provinces”, el-Sheikh Gamal Kotb explained .

ccFor his part , El-Sheikh Omar Abd El-Kafi called on all Muslims, in every part of theworld, who want to be rewarded in paradise, to visit 57357 and sponsor a sick child’s treatment by giving alms or Zakah . “I pray to Allah for mercy and cure for 57357’s patients and all other patients as well”, said Abd El-Kafi .