Built thanks to small and big donations, 57357 continues to expand and be sustained by them


There is a certain aura to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE), alias Hospital 57357 that rallies people around it regardless of their race, creed or social background. Whether in Cairo , Egypt where it is located for the  purpose of giving hope in cure to  children with cancer,   or in New York where fundraisers are initiated to sustain it, the 187bed charitable pediatric cancer center  is continuously blessed with the support of Egyptians from all walks of life around the globe.

Just last week, upon his return from New York where he was attending Egypt Cancer Network (ECN)’s 2nd  fundraiser in favor of 57357, Dr. Sherif Abou Elnaga, VP of the Hospital was eager to share stories from his trip. During his short stay in the city, Dr Abou Elnaga, reveals that he was particularly moved by two encounters:  the first with Mr.Elias Debbas, an immigrant of Lebanese origin, head of a financing corporation, winner of ECN New York chapter highest recognition for charitable giving, the caring Heart Award; and the second with Mr. Saad Ibrahim Hegazy, owner of a hot dog stand near Times Square , an Egyptian immigrant of modest background coming from Kafr Abou Zekry, Benha, a small town in Kalyoubelia governorate in Egypt’s Delta.

 Though worlds apart, both Mr. Debbas and Mr Hegazy carry the love of Egypt in their hearts. At the gala event which gathered a stellar group of Egyptian immigrants living in New York, Dr. Abouel Naga met with Mr. Debbas for the first time. He was puzzled by how a Lebanese philanthropist would donate $ 40000 for the cause of Egyptian children with cancer.

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He found out that Mr. Debbas grew up in Egypt, going to the English mission college then later to the American University in Cairo. He was 4 years old when his father settled in Egypt and it was not before 1968 that Mr. Debbas moved to the U.S

Mr. Debbas’ attachment to Egypt is so great that he dreams to move back with his family and to be granted the Egyptian nationality.


“ It was around 3 am in the morning , I was heading to my hotel with after a successful fundraising  gala event,” tells me Dr. Abouelnaga, “ when I suddenly realized that I was very hungry and had not eaten all day, so we stopped at a hot dog stand owned by an Egyptian, Mr. Hegazy. Of course, we chat about Egypt and he asks me about my profession. I tell him that I work at hospital 57357 and he answers me: Oh! That wonderful Hospital that treats children with cancer for free! Please receive this $100 bill as a modest donation for the hospital and he calls his uncle who owns another stand two streets away who hurries to meet us to also give us a donation”.

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What is the secret behind Hospital 57357’s aura? Is it its delivery of world quality care for children with cancer for free and its high levels of cure?  Is it the vision and passion of its founders and the dedication of its staff? Or is the generous nature of its supporters from all walks of life? What draws a Lebanese business man, an Eminent Egyptian American Economist & CEO of PIMCO such as Mr. Mohamed  El Eryan[1] and  a hot dog vendor in New York  to Hospital 57357? Whatever it is, one thing is certain: Hospital 57357 is truly blessed with big hearted supporters in Egypt and all across the globe!

Mr. Mohamed el Eryan donated one million $ in a previous ECN fundraiser in Los Angeles

ECN is a U.S. based 501C3 tax deductible non- profit organization in operation for nearly 2 years now with the mission of supporting and providing resources to Egyptian hospitals and non-profit organizations focused on cancer. Among the organizations ECN sponsors is Hospital 57357, recognized as a role model charitable institution offering free quality healthcare services to children with cancer in Egypt and the surrounding region.

After nearly 6 years of operation the CCHE was able to achieve a 70% over-all survival rate in the average and to get closer to the 80-85% rates achieved in the developed world. As a result, and for the sake of not having to turn away any child seeking  its free quality services, the CCHE is committed to a number of capacity expansion projects namely a 60 bed extension within its premises and a 300 bed green LEED building to be joined to the main Hospital

[1] Mr. Mohamed el Eryan donated one million $ in a previous ECN fundraiser in Los Angeles.