In 2007, he was the first patient admitted to the Hospital and in 2016 he became one of its staff

Sherif “At 57357 I learned to dream big and to make my dreams come true”

“Before I was diagnosed with cancer my dream was to become a chef but after my recovery I started to dream to be a computer programmer.”

Sherif’s story started back on July, 7, 2007, which was a very hard day to the then little boy Sherif Mubark and his family. On that day, Sherif arrived at Hospital 57357 and was the first patient to be admitted to the Hospital. In July 2016, he was again admitted to the Hospital but this time as one of its staff: Sherif is now an employee with 57357’s Information Technology Department and the newest member of the Hospital Team. Nine years have passed and despite he has fully recovered; Sherif has always been in contact with the Hospital and his friends among doctors, pharmacists and nurses at 57357. To him, Hospital 57357 is not just a place for medical treatment, but a harbor… a big home that is always open for its children, even after they are cured. The beginning of Sherif’s journey with cancer is no different from that of other sick children, which we unfortunately witness every day. A little boy with a heart full of fear after being diagnosed with Lymph Nodes Cancer … he now knows that he has to spend time away from his home, family, friends and school and must start a long and difficult journey of treatment. Yet, what really matters in Sherif’s story is its end or rather its new start, which proves that the image of this ugly disease that we all fear has changed at Hospital 57357. This is not just a medical institution that cures cancer but it also teaches people how to beat despair, teaches our children how to fight and beat cancer, and calls its survivors victorious heroes. Hospital 57357 even goes a step further by helping its cancer survivors to start a new life and plan big for their future, Sherif being the best example of this.

With a big smile full of hope Sherif Says “the best thing that happened to me here is that they were treating me as a normal child, telling me that I had to be a hero and rely on my will and faith to beat cancer. They were encouraging me all the time to practice hobbies and activities, attend parties and study so that I would not miss on anything at school. It took me no time to feel that I was among my new family and that the Hospital is my second home, I even found in doctors and nurses new friends that made up for those I left behind. Thanks be to God, being treated at 57357, I learned how to beat cancer but the most important thing is that I feel I was reborn here, they taught me how to organize and manage my time to make the best of it, also, how to set goals and have the power to achieve them. At that time, I was an average student in Hotels High School and my dream was to become a chef, but after I recovered, I passed high school with a very high score (94%) and enrolled at the Faculty of Computer Science. My dream of becoming a chef was replaced by a new desire to become a computer programmer.”

Sherif goes on saying “my treatment journey at 57358 ended years ago… but my relationship with the Hospital, the doctors and all the staff has never ended … to me the Hospital is a home and harbor. I have come here very often and helped among the volunteers, the management encouraged me to become a trainee at the Hospital and today I made the biggest dream of my life come true! I am starting my job in the Information Technology Department at 57357. I always hoped to be able to help the sick children and contribute to the success of this great medical institution and become part of it. We are determined to cure more and more children and to train new generations in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, scientific research, IT and nursing as well as any relevant fields.