With comfort, optimism, and hope our children were waiting for their turn at the out-patient clinics…

There, I had a little chat with Karmen, Zeyad and Mohammed…

I noticed a child with a beautiful smile watching a picture on his mobile and laughing as he was showing it to his mother and commenting:  ” Dr Emad won’t recognize me today mum as I am totally tanned from the summer sun ”.

I asked him: what is your name? He said:” Zeyad” ( He comes from Shobra and is 10 years old), I asked him , ”Are you a new patient?” , he said : ”No thanks be to God, I am cured and I came for my regular follow-up visit with Dr Emad .Then I asked his mother: what is Zeyad’s case ? She said : ” he had leukemia and I never thought he would get cured from it and live .All the staff at the hospital are angels of mercy, they gave me hope ; the doctors were closely watching over him until he got cured . I just want to send a message to whoever may have been caught in the recent polemic about the Hospital: before expressing your opinion, come and visit the hospital and ask us ( parents of the sick children ) about what we think of this Hospital : we will tell you that  we wish all Egyptian medical centers were like Hospital 57357 in cleanliness and care for the patients. Zeyad went in to Dr Emad and insisted to take a picture with him.

I left Zeyad and his mother to find the beautiful charming Carmen sitting next to her mother, waiting as well for her follow-up visit with Dr Emad . I said hello quickly, as Mohamed Dorgham another patient interrupted saying: ”I want you to take a good picture of me, upload it on Face book, and write under it “Thank God, Mohamed is cured. I want you also to tell all the children not to be afraid, people here are so good; they will give all of them the best of care and God will cure them! ‘‘(Mohammed is from Al-Minofia province).

Mohammed had blood cancer. I took a picture of him while his father was telling me how inspite of his illness,  Mohammed  was a clever student, among the top of his school, and knew Qura’an by heart .Mohammed is now cured and will only come once every year for follow-up.

Many patients were waiting for their turn in the playroom while their names were  being called every ten minutes .Some were watching TV and others were playing,  girls preferred to draw beautiful pictures of flowers and paint them with bright colours.  A’am Ayman, the security man accompanied them to the inner waiting area.

Thanks to our donors’ Ongoing Sadaka, these children, whether rich or poor, have access to free quality care and the equal opportunity of being cured and of being closely followed-up long after their recovery. Moreover, our donors’ contributions help us to engage in research studies that will improve our patients’ outcomes and to send our physicians for training, and experience-sharing in the best cancer treatment centers in the world; because the first steps for success is to educate a doctor to treat a patient. Thanks to our donors’ support, Hospital 57357 is getting closer to world cure rates and presently recording an average over-all survival rate of 74.7 %. Also, it is their support that enabled us to set up a Pediatric Oncology Fellowship training program for our physicians in collaboration with Dana Farber Boston Children’s Cancer Centre in the U. S.

  More importantly, without our donors’ continuous support , we would not have been able to increase our capacity and add 60 new in-patient beds at the Cairo Hospital and 60 others at the new Tanta branch with a total of 320 beds. But our journey never ends. We still need your help to build a 300 bed tower to be able to cater to 80% of annual pediatric oncology cases in Egypt.

 Hospital 57357 … A Knowledge-seeking journey for the triumph of life ….