A new radioactive tracer, Fluoro-Ethyl- Tyrosine (F-18 FET), is produced by the Nuclear medicine department. This new tracer will help in more precision in brain tumor imaging. As it is used in PET/CT imaging it provides additional information on the metabolic activity of the tumor, besides anatomical information on tumor size and localization. This radioactive tracer will make a difference in the actual diagnosis of brain tumors, facilitating the differentiation of benign from malignant tumors and the assessment of tumor grade. It will also help in differentiating recurrence of the tumor from post –operative gliosis or scarring. As for the actual brain tumor surgery, the new tracer will increase the precision in tumor delineation and target definition and will help in guiding surgery, biopsy, and radiotherapy based on additional information which is the metabolic activity of the tumor. Besides supplying the Hospital with their requirements of the new tracer, the 57357 cyclotron will be able to produce additional quantities and sell them as service surplus to other cancer centers as well.