Taking Virus C and waste disposal awareness topics to school students in the South

In line with 57357’s mission of relying on prevention in its fight against cancer and its commitment to spreading awareness all across the Egyptian Territory, a 57357 Foundation and Hospital team travelled to Minya last Thursday, March 10, 2016. On behalf of the Foundation’s Schools and universities unit, Mr. Mohamed Hamdy had the definite objective of reaching out to the maximum number of schools in Minya. The awareness team composed of Marwa Amer, Dina Salem, Nihal Nabil and Dalia Mohsen were to give presentations about Virus C, how to prevent it , its relation to cancer and the optimal ways of waste disposal.

The coordinating school for this meeting was Bani Mazar public school for languages which promoted the event among 10 other neighboring schools. It is noteworthy that Bani Mazaar School is among the competing schools for the prize designated by the Foundation’s schools and universities unit to the best school project tackling virus C or waste disposal awareness. The event which took place at Ghenwa venue was attended by the Education Minister’s first undersecretary in Minya, Father Barsoum representing the Coptic Orthodox Church, Sheikh Mahmoud representing the Awkaf, and the directors of the 10 schools. Highlights of the event were the presentations by 57357’s awareness team, the singing of the Bani Mazar chorale, and the generous donation of L.E. 42000 collected from the sale of Mother’s day certificates.