Committed to the advance of research, 57357 is the first center in Africa for the course’s promotion and administration.

Principles and Practices of Clinical Research will be promoted and coordinated in Egypt by 57357, which has signed an agreement to that effect in 2014 with PPCR. The course duration is 8 months, beginning at the end of February 2014. Through 57357, applicants pay a reduced price totaling $3250, which includes registration fees to Harvard Medical School and administrative fees to 57357. Taught online by Harvard faculty since 2008, the course includes the following subjects: basics and ethics of clinical research, protocol design for clinical trials, data collection, statistics, study results reporting, publishing and grant writing.  For 2014, the Hospital is funding 24 of its staff participants: 11 physicians, 4 clinical pharmacists, 2 nurses, and 7 researchers.

Also 57357 will provide other educational content to participants at the 57357 site. Besides benefiting from the reduction in price, students who apply to the course through 57357 will take the course in one year as they will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have received, through their participation in workshops led by facilitators.

The course will in this case be tailored to conform to the favored blended-learning technique in training. Moreover, students will not only be acquiring knowledge and skills through e-learning  and workshops (informative learning), but they will also be taught in such a way as to socialize them around values (formative learning) and to develop their leadership attributes so as to prepare them to be enlightened change agents (transformative learning).