The new program provides more precision in diagnosis, facilitating medical decision taking and precise follow up of treatment protocols and enables automating all treatment procedures which contribute to saving time and expenses.

In a leap towards improving treatment plans and in cooperation with Cerner International, one of the leading companies in medical information systems, the Hospital celebrated the launch of the first stage of a program for automating patient’s treatment plan “power chart oncology”. Preparation for applying the new system extended over a year and half. The program helps eliminating probable errors by humans and guaranties more precision during the application of the treatment plan as it enables the medical team to apply the treatment plan partially or completely without human intervention. The program will be applied on 525 treatment plans over multiple stages.

Power chart oncology helps more precision in diagnosis, saving expenses with higher quality service

Chatting with Dr. Dina Alaa, the program manager, she shared: the program helps the healthcare provider to take the suitable medical decision for the patient. The program eliminated unnecessary steps existing in the older version which enables the physician to focus on the patient. By automating all the treatment plan steps, errors that might result from hand writing will be eliminated. It will provide the medical team a complete image about the patient and the treatment plan. It will contribute to reducing expenses as it will eliminate unnecessary and repeated investigations. Moreover it will help scheduling patients in the outpatient department, procedures room and day care.

She added that the stages of applying power chart Oncology are divided according to the types of treatment protocols:

  1. Hematology, started this month, September 2019
  2. Solid
  3. Neurological
  4. Bone marrow transplantation

The rest of the stages will be applied gradually. The preparation for the first stage included steps that will be repeated with each stage, including: collecting required data from the medical sector and validating them, entering data and treatment plans to the system in test mode then transferring them to the actual work mode, training the system users, namely physicians, pharmacists and nurses, then finally specifying the date to start working with the new system.

In attendance of a delegation from Cerner Middle East, 57357 celebrated the launch of the program’s first stage

The Hospital celebrated the application of the first stage of the program, in attendance of Prof. Dr. Sherif Abuoel Naga, executive director of 57357 group and general manager of the Hospital, Dr. Mohammed Agag, the Hospital’s medical director, doctors, pharmacists and nurses participating in the program and Cerner Middle East’s delegation headed by Mr. Alaa Adel, general manager of Cerner Middle East and Africa, Mr. Karim Abdel Hai, operations executive director, Mr. Brian Ragit, responsible for clients’ accounts, Wael Noras power chart oncology project manager, Dina Ibrahim, the project consultant and Eng. Danial Metry. During the celebration honorary certificates were handed to the work team that were trained to work on the first stage.

A group of 57357’s children offered Cerner delegation members paintings they drew during their treatment in the Hospital. The guests shared their admiration and dazzle for the talent of  the children who were able to express it despite their harsh treatment. They reflected that this was the result of the  the psychological care and support provided by the Hospital to the patients during their treatment period. At the end of the celebration the delegation offered a generous donation in support of the children with cancer

It is noteworthy that cooperation with Cerner started in 2008. Through his account on twitter, Mr. Adel made a comment about the event saying: congratulations to our partner, Hospital 57357 for starting to work with power chart oncology, it is our honor to be your partner through your journey to support  thechildren with cancer for free, you inspire us.