Elkomi to Hospital Staff and Children “you are real life heroes and fighters…I invite all Egyptians to support our children at 57357”

“My message to the Egyptian youth is that our love to Egypt entails hard work and sacrifices, not just slogans on Facebook”

Our Children at Hospital 57357- Tanta enjoyed spending a joyful day with a real life Egyptian Hero, “Mahmoud Elkomi,” the courageous and brave Egyptian police who is widely known for his heroic actions and bravery. Elkomi is an explosives expert who was severely injured when his armored vehicle was attacked and exploded by terrorists while he was on duty in Alareesh. His visit to 57357 was part of the honorary ceremony held by the Hospital staff and children for him. All the staff of Tanta Branch were pleased and proud to meet with him as they all see him as an icon of the sacrifices made every day by our patriotic police officers. He is one of the role models and idols we need to introduce to our children, not only at 57357, but all over Egypt, so that the younger generations will recognize the real concept of heroism, bravery and patriotism as well as the continuous sacrifices made by the Egyptian police, to whom we owe our safety and security. The children surrounded the hero with faces full of joy and happiness; they presented him a picture of him, signed by the children. The Hospital also presented Elkomi a badge of honor and appreciation. Elkomi was accompanied by his parents, wife and mother-in-law. They were welcomed at the Hospital by Gen. Nabil Abdel Fattah – the Security Director of Algharbeya Governorate, together with the Hospital’s managers Dr. Assem Khalaf and Dr. Mohamed Fawzi and all the staff.

Mahmoud Elkmoi had a warm meeting with the children and their families and the Hospital Staff during which he said “you are just heroes and fighters like me and my colleagues… what you do for Egypt is no less than what we do.” He added “I know every room in this great Hospital… I used to come here very often before I got injured … I have always been in contact with Dr. Assem through my work for the civil defense department. My wife also visits the Hospital from time to time and enjoys spending long hours with the kids here.”

Elkomi further added that he invites and calls upon all Egyptians to dedicate some time for the support and motivation of our children at 57357 saying “I learned from my hard experience of the injury that the psychological condition constitutes half the journey towards recovery … the support I received from my wife and family formed the solid basis for my high spirit and perseverance to overcome such trauma and my positive response to the treatment I received.”

He further stated that our beloved homeland Egypt deserves sacrifices; Elkomi said “I lost one eye so that Egypt will see the light and lost my legs for Egypt to keep standing in pride and strength and I am willing to give up my soul for Egypt and Egyptians.” His statements were not merely slogans but were coming from his heart and that is why they were heartfelt by all of us.

For those who do not know the story of Mahmoud Elkomi:
On the 9th of January 2016, an explosive package targeted the armored vehicle where he was in Alareesh, he was severely injured to the extent that he lost one of his eyes and both his legs, in addition to the loss of hearing in one of his ears and severe injuries in the abdomen and chest. He then travelled to London, with another 37 Egyptian heroes, for treatment. After receiving treatment for more than six months, he returned to Egypt on a short visit to see his family and will travel again in October to continue his treatment.

Elkomi mentioned that he had had 18 surgeries in London for the use of prostheses (artificial limbs) and the treatment of major injuries in the abdomen, chest and ear. He still needs more surgeries and to continue the treatment of his injured ear to regain 80% of hearing ability God willing. He also said that he is so pleased with the appreciation he and his colleagues are receiving from President Abdel Fattah Elsisi, the government of Egypt, and the Egyptian people which is felt and seen in people’s eyes wherever he goes. Elkomi further said “when the President kissed my head, such thoughtful gesture conveys and strongly confirms the message that the State appreciates not only me, but every injured Egyptian and martyr.” About what makes him unhappy, Elkomi said that he feels really sad for the presence of some Egyptians who work against the interests of Egypt and are only concerned about their personal interests and the presence of others who only show their love to Egypt via Facebook. In this regard he stated “I hope that the Egyptian youth will understand that Egypt’s love and patriotism needs to be shown not only via Facebook and social media posts but through hard work and real sacrifices.”

In our turn, we at Hospital 57357 express our appreciation and gratitude to the hero Mahmoud Elkomi and to each martyr or injured Egyptian and all their families who sacrificed the most during these hard times our homeland is going through; for we as well as all Egyptians owe you our safety and security and the least we can do to return your favors is to honor and support you. We care for you and we are extremely proud of all of you