Today, Hospital 57357 welcomed a delegation of 10 high school students from New Jersey, USA. The students will receive a two week training to gain experience on the provision of quality services to children with cancer and will volunteer to give moral support to the children. It is noteworthy that Farco company is taking part in the sponsorship of the training.

57357’s  learning and development department prepared a training program through which trainees would be introduced to the different types of care provided by the Hospital. The program was planned taking into consideration the desire of students to receive training that would qualify them to join medicine and pharmacy faculties. The training program includes knowledge about oncology, the pharmacist’s role in healthcare, awareness and patient education, and infection control.

In her welcoming speech, Dr. Aya Nassar, head of L&D department and quality control consultant, welcomed the students and highlighted that one of 57357’s main goals is the dissemination of knowledge and  professionalism. “By spending this training period in 57357, you will become the Hospital’s ambassadors who carry a message of hope to the whole world, added Dr Nassar. On the occasion of the Hospital’s celebration of 11 years of operation, Dr Nassar was keen to stress on the Hospital’s constant interest and commitment to research and smart education as well as its reliance on international standards and evidence-based practices for its operation.

In an interview with the students, they were asked about the reasons they selected 57357 for their training period. They answered that they had heard from a friend, who is one of  Egypt Cancer Network, ECN’s donors, about the Hospital, its achievements, its mission and pursuit to provide free quality services to children with cancer. “We wanted to get acquainted with the operating system through which Hospital 57357 serves children, and benefit from its experience to get qualified to join faculties of medicine and pharmacy.

Mahbouba, one of the students, shared with us: this is our first visit to Egypt, and we came not only to benefit from 57357’s experience in healthcare but also from its culture of taking care of patients as well.

It is noteworthy that within the framework of the Hospital continuous pursuit to share knowledge and expertise, it welcomes a number of trainees annually from different countries in Africa, Europe, and America.