A Milestone for 57357’s positioning as a Leading Center in Pediatric Neuro-183278_10150141298995715_8190425_nSurgery

In a recent paper by a group of Swiss researchers published in the prestigiousChilds Nerv Syst on-line journal on Sept.17, 2011, 57357’s chief Neuro-surgeon, Dr. Mohamed El Beltagi and his team were cited on several occasions. His findings( published earlier in the same journal in February 2010), about the usefulness of intra-operative ultrasound (IOUS) in pediatric brain tumor resection and its potential to substitute intra-operative MRI in most of the cases, were cited to corroborate the Swiss team’s study about the usefulness of the (IOUS) tool.

Dr. Beltagi’s earlier study on 25 patients with brain tumors pre, during and post resection revealed the following conclusion: “Intra-operative ultrasound is suggested to be a useful imaging technique in defining the border between the tumor and healthy brain tissue pre-resection, in detecting residual tumor tissues after the resection of the mass, and in guiding to the shortest andsafest access to the tumor during neuro-surgery.”

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is the major treatment centre for childhood brain tumors (most common pediatric solid tumor) throughout the region recording a 65 % over-all survival rate (up till 2012) and as a result gaining a solid reputation in this difficult malignancy. Hospital 57357 aims to expand its expertise in pediatric neuro-surgery by continuously developing its neuro-sciences department which already enjoys a competitive edge in research, being able to produce results from a large population size. All this would ultimately enable the Hospital to position itself on the world map as a leading center in this particular field.