We met Malak in the out-patient clinic where she was waiting to see pediatric oncology consultant,  Dr. Sonia Mahmoud, her treating physician. Malak caught our attention with her pretty laugh and cheerful attitude, inviting us to have a friendly conversation with her and her parents. Malak is a 9 year old outgoing girl, from Elmenya, who suffered from Hodgkin lymphatic cancer. Dr. Mahmoud assures that Malak has recovered and has been free of the disease for two years now. “Thanks to the Hospital’s up to date equipment and treatment protocols, we are recording a survival rate of 75% to 99% in Hodgkin cancer depending on the stage of the disease,” shared Dr. Mahmoud

Back in 2016, Malak was referred to Hospital 57357 where she was diagnosed after a series of investigations. After going through chemotherapy for a year doctors declared that she had recovered and could go back to a normal child’s routine. She visits 57357 periodically for follow up and for two years she has been free of the disease.

Malak shared with us her experience in the Hospital during the period she was admitted and during her visits. She loves drawing and she was happy to find the opportunity to practice her hobby in the Hospital’s art workshop. She has a nice friendly relationship with her physician Dr. Mahmoud and she described her as the one she loves most in the Hospital. She also mentioned nurses who have been very nice with her and kind hearted volunteers who used to entertain her. Malak intends to fast during the holy month of Ramadan and she expressed her wish to become a doctor like Dr. Mahmoud.

Malak’s parents are expressing their gratitude for the compassionate and devoted care provided by the Hospital’s physicians and nurses and most of all for all faithful supporters of 57357 who ensure its sustainability and progress. We have found best quality medical treatment along with psychological care in this Hospital, said Malak’s mother. Malak is now enjoying her normal life among her three brothers and with her school colleagues.