Today, the 57357 Foundation and Academy launched an intensive five day TOT (Training of Trainers) infection control course in collaboration with the worldwide renowned North American Association of Professionals for Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). Through its subsidiary, APIC Consulting Services, Inc., APIC is is providing two North American instructors to give a two module training which was tailored to fit the requirements of 57357. . Founded in 2008 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of APIC, APIC Consulting works with facilities in various healthcare settings, to reduce risk and improve patient safety.

APIC Consulting utilizes the expertise of nationally recognized leaders in the field of infection prevention to offer clients a customized comprehensive collection of clinical education and professional development programs. This is the first time the APIC course is offered in Egypt and in the Middle East Region. Through the partnership with APIC , 57357 will be the center of excellence providing the course and the certificate in the future. The course will be offered on a monthly basis all through the coming year, reveals Nagwa Khamis, 57357’s Infection Control Head. The TOT course is attended by 20 staff from 57357 including nurses, microbiologists, infection control, quality, and lab specialists.

A number of attendees come from other Egyptian academic institutions and medical schools such as the Armed Forces medical school, Ain Shams University, Petroleum medical center, Ain Shams Specialized Hospital, Kasr El Aini Medical center, Air Forces Specialized Hospital, International Medical Center, and Alexandria Medical School.

The APIC/ 57357’s Foundation, Academy and Learning & Development initiative is a milestone on the road of improving infection control measures in Egyptian healthcare institutions. Both Dr. Amro Ezzat Salama, Board of trustees President and Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, 57357’s CEO who attended the launching event, expressed their enthusiasm and anticipation for the new training initiative. Dr. Abouel Naga urged the participants to become change agents in their respective communities towards a healthier future for our beloved Egypt.