11053121_653490858126752_4062409672731345426_nBefore I start talking about Liver Cancer at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Institution 57357, two facts have to be stressed: First, we all agree that we cannot manage what we cannot measure. Second, it is thanks to the presence of an entire group of researchers from the Clinical Research department whose main mission is to follow up on patients and on the careful implementation of their treatment protocols, that  we are  able  to provide accurate,  comprehensive and timely data concerning the patients in this disease category.

Since its inception in 2007,The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt admitted to date a large number of children with liver cancer, but the sad news is, that 21.4% of those cases were are at a very late stage of the development of the disease upon admission; as such, they died either before receiving the treatment or at its early start. The reason behind that is that they were either diagnosed or transferred to 57357 too late.

As for the 78.6% of the cases, they are still receiving treatment. Contrary to what has been circulating that the Hospital is not admitting complex and difficult cases, people should be aware that  diagnosing a case takes time and multiple tests  such as taking a biopsy and analyzing it or doing a DNA test. Patients are first admitted and then are being tested to determine the stage of his disease.