Time and again, in the desire to transform and improve their communities, the youth in Egypt are reaching out to the icons of change for support and expertise. Nearly 250 members of the newly instituted “Academic Group” of Kasr Eil Aini Medical School were welcomed at Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt (CCHE) 57357 for a week of intensive training on topics ranging from pediatric oncology and research to Fundraising. This academic group was formed in the aftermath of the revolution as a reformation initiative for the medical training. Kasr Eil Aini strives to improve overall research and clinical skills by bridging the gap between students and professors.

The program at CCHE 57357 was more than a series of lectures. It was an opportunity to be acquainted with a new kind of healthcare system in Egypt. The hospital employs experiential learning as a way to engage future leaders. For example, half of the students attending the research workshop will continue to work closely with the hospital staff to develop research papers, which will be vetted by Harvard visiting scholars.

Here’s what the students had to say about this unique experience:

“Being within the walls of this great hospital serves as a reminder to never lose faith. Egyptians are capable of great accomplishments once they set their minds on achieving them. Everything is possible. One just has to seek the right opportunities or create them. Being here expanded not only my clinical interests, but also my understanding of the pursuit of excellence in quality care for all, and compassion by all.” — Heba Mahmoud (6th year medical student)

“I am impressed by CCHE 57357’s vision, benchmarking of standards, and continuous process improvement. I’m excited to be part of this team, which has taken my learning experience to new levels.” — Alaa Obeida (5th year medical student)

CCHE 57357’s approach with Kasr Eil Aini medical students is typical of their holistic approach to education and training. They are the first hospital in Egypt to offer a school program for their patients, an Internal Review Board for their researchers, full time employment for their physicians, free continuing education for their staff, and health & wellness campaigns for the public.

Way to go CCHE 57357. You rock!