Picture 3During a call to a donor living in the U.S to thank him for his donation to the Hospital through Egypt Cancer Network’s website, we found out that he is an Egyptian American Professor of Hematopathology  at Texas Children’s Hospital  and that he was presently on a short visit to Egypt . Hematopathology being an important branch of pathology which studies blood cell diseases causing bone marrow failure and leukemia, Dr Tarek El Ghetany was invited to visit the Hospital and to give a lecture in this field .

“ Ever since 57537’s  inception ,I used to follow up on its  developments from afar and now I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to  visit it. 57357 is a symbol of hope in Egypt and the Middle East for having ushered in radical change in diagnosing and treating children with cancer”, reveals Dr. El Ghetany who was pleased to know that the Hospital’s over-all survival rates have reached  an average of 70% and are getting closer to the 80-85% developed world rates.    “During my visit to the departments of laboratory and pharmaceutical services I was impressed by their expertise and up to date technology to provide every patient with specialized clinical services that would improve his outcome and chances for cure.”, said Dr. El Ghetany . “That is why I chose to allocate my donation to your future capacity expansion projects that will allow you to accept an increasing number of patients seeking your quality services”, he added. Dr. Ghetany praised management insistence on hiring physicians on a full time basis; in contrast to the practice in Egyptian Hospitals, physicians at 57357 devote most of their working day to the Hospital patients with more time with their families and protected time for education and research.

Believing in the importance of scientific research collaborations in the global fight against the disease, he expressed his willingness to cooperate with 57357 on joint research projects, adding the illustrious name of Texas Children’s hospital on the list of top cancer research institutions 57357 is already collaborating with namely Harvard’s Dana Farber, Boston’s Children’s and the St. Jude.   Thanks to Dr. El Ghetany and every kind-hearted donor contributing to curing our kids with cancer.