Yaseen’s mother: the Hospital is a bliss for poor patients

Doha’s laughter was restored after the end of the first phase of her treatment

The board of directors of the 57357 Foundation decided to establish a branch for the Hospital in Tanta to alleviate the burden of traveling to the main branch in Cairo for Aldelta population. With the support of our charity partners everywhere, Tanta branch was opened in 2015.

Tanta branch consists of 50 inpatient beds and 20 recliners in the one-day treatment unit. A recliner may serve up to three patients a day. Tanta branch is considered the seventh floor of 57357-Cairo and as vital as the other six floors of the main Hospital. When Tanta branch was established, experienced professionals were moved from the main branch and the two branches were connected and in synchronization  through Cerner’s IT system and the internet. As at the Cairo branch, using Cerner enabled us to build an accurate realistic database that we could rely on in all the steps of our children’s treatment, and to use its outcome to develop our treatment protocols.

Cerner’s informatics system enables all the data of patients available to everyone in both Cairo and Tanta branches, to facilitate the administration of treatment sessions to patients in the two branches. In case there was no room for a patient in Cairo branch to take his session, an equipped vehicle would transfer the patient to Tanta to take his treatment on time.

For the second consecutive time, the kitchen of 57357-Tanta receives the golden prize for applying quality standards and safety measurements. It is a smaller replica of the Cairo branch kitchen, where it prepares 250 meals a day for patients and families. Everyday at 9 am, the sick child aided by the nutrition specialist will compose the meal he desires to receive. Then, the nutrition specialist will revise the patient’s choices to customize it to suit his medical condition. The nutrition specialist stops by the patients to make sure that food tastes good and meets quality standards, he also updates the nutritional condition of the patients every 24 hours.

In the patients’ rooms we met candid children with pretty smiling faces. Salah Ahmed, 7 years old, from Banha, is suffering from leukemia. In the beginning, he was misdiagnosed once as having tuberculosis and another time with Mediterranean fever until finally he was diagnosed with cancer. Salah’s father is sharing with us: after diagnosing Salah with cancer, we were advised to go to 57357. He was checked in the outpatient clinics and he was admitted to the Hospital after being put on a waiting list for only one day. They repeated the investigations, namely x-rays and blood tests. In the beginning, I was told that my son would not be admitted to 57357 without preferential treatment, but this wasn’t true, and anyone who is admitted to the Hospital would confirm this. I am a laborer of modest background , and I know nobody important enough to plead in my favor, where would we go if we did not have 57357?

Yousef Mohammed is a 5 year old boy from Almenoufeya. He suffers from kidney cancer. Despite his illness, Yousef is always smiling and is full of hope in the future. Yousef’s mother shared with us: in the beginning he was diagnosed with rheumatoid, I used to give him a 3500 pound injection every two weeks but with no results. When  his belly got inflated , the doctor asked for a sonar, which showed a tumor on the kidney. He was admitted to 57357 and thanks be to God, he has already taken three treatment doses in Tanta branch. I hope my son would recover soon, and may God bless everyone in 57357 for supporting us and all the patients, they offer the patients all their requirements of food and transportation.

Yaseen Sami is a year and a half old boy suffering from lymphoma;  his mother is responsible for the entire family, as his father is unemployed. Yaseen’s mother says: Hospital 57357 is a blessing from God for us and for all poor patients. When my son got sick I didn’t know what to do, doctors told me that he was born with the disease. When I came to 57357 they comforted me, and I felt reassured when I saw how they operated, may God bless them.

Doha Hatem is a 5 year old girl from Almenoufeya. Doha suffers from leukemia and her father works in a grocery store. Doha restored her smile and laughter as she finished the first stage of her treatment.

Inside 57357, many hopeful as well as painful stories.

With your support, we will bring cure to all the children.