Today we want  to introduce you to Abdallah, another 57357 patient hero. Abdallah is a 6 year old active outgoing boy who loves to draw and to play soccer for his school’s football team. At the beginning of the academic year of 2021, the active player felt suddenly so sick that he couldn’t finish the match with his team. His mother thought it was a minor health issue that some rest and medications can control. The young fighter spent the following week at home suffering from high fever and exhaustion, a condition that regular medications couldn’t heal. His pediatrician requested some further tests to unravel the mystery of this unusual condition at this young age.

The pediatrician referred the child to CCHE57357 so that he can get a confirmed diagnosis of what he suspected the child was suffering from. The preliminary results of Abdallah’s tests at the hospital’s screening clinic confirmed the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia, AML , a form of blood cancer.  “CCHE57357’s healthcare professionals are committed to providing full psychological support to the child with cancer as they consider it a crucial part of the patient’s treatment”, shares Abdallah’s mom.

By the start of the new school semester Abdallah’s hair started to fall out as a common side effect of chemo and the little boy refused to attend class due to the other apparent symptoms of the cancer illness and treatment which affected him. The patient was fortunate enough to be able to attend  classes at 57357’s in- hospital school, as the hospital’s administration allocated space on its premises for patients so that they can be able to continue schooling education while being hospitalized. Today Abdallah is half way to completeing his trteatment plan at the hospital and his lab results continue to show a great response to the treatment protocol. With the continuous support of the hospital’s generous donors, Abdallah is now able to resume his classes with his mates at school and would be able to complete his treatment journey.