Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE) 57357 is the largest freestanding pediatric cancer hospital in the world. It was built and is being sustained completely by donations. In operation since July, 2007, it has quickly become recognized as a leader in providing a new level of quality healthcare in Egypt which is world class and where are all children are treated free of charge without discrimination to race, creed or ability to pay.

CCHE 57357 has been an innovator and leader of change in healthcare in the developing world. The 187 bed state of the art hospital has been built completely by donation and is being sustained by donation; establishing a new era of fundraising in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. In its first four years of operation, CCHE 57357 has firmly established itself as an institution that is in the pursuit of excellence, innovation, quality, and is a model of change in healthcare management, healthcare education and healthcare delivery in Egypt and the developing world.

Since beginning operations in 2007, the hospital received over 25% of Egypt’s newly diagnosed patients; conducted over 300 training sessions for staff encompassing clinical and non-clinical topics; registered over 1800 staff in continuing professional development courses; and established a research department.

The CCHE 57357 has pledged through its mission and vision to be a leader and innovator utilizing scientific evidence based process for the good of all children with cancer.

After four years of operation, CCHE 57357 can already boast a number of accomplishments:

  • 1st specialized department of psychosocial oncology in Egypt
  • 1st child life and school program in Egypt for hospitalized children
  • 1st comprehensive physiotherapy department for oncology patients in Egypt.
  • 1st PET/CT scan in Egypt and cyclotron
  • 1st fully digitized hospital in Egypt, including Medical Records (better than 95% of U.S. hospitals)
  • 1st comprehensive and up-to-date research department in Egypt with an Internal Review Board, Scientific Medical Advisory Committee, Central Research and Protocol Monitoring Office as well as 20 healthcare professionals who have developed into a new role of Clinical Research Associate
  • 1st in Egypt to offer intensive continuing education program for staff
  • 75% 5 year survival rate (compared to Egypt’s 40%)

Because of these successes and unmet demand, Egypt Cancer Network is helping CCHE 57357 expand. To see expansion plans.