The accreditation ensures that the hospital meets rigorous standards set by CAP, potentially impacting various units within the hospital, including those for blood analysis, blood chemistry, technology analysis, granule cell research, cytogenetics, molecular studies, microbiology analysis, immune genetics, tissue compatibility, and analytical assessments.


Dr. Sherif Abu El-Naga, CEO of 57357 Group, emphasized that relying on the hospital signifies a deep commitment to enhancing medical teams, extending beyond mere academic credentials.

Dr. Sonia Suleiman, Head of the Clinical Pathology Department at 57357 Hospital, expressed pride in achieving accreditation across nine laboratory specializations, underscoring the hospital’s dedication to maintaining exceptional standards of quality and precision in diagnosis.

This recognition reflects the hospital’s continuous pursuit of excellence and dedication to providing top-quality care to patients, reassuring them and their families of receiving the highest level of laboratory services for their diagnosis and treatment needs.

The hospital acknowledges the invaluable support of its administration, the dedication of its staff, and the trust of the patients and families it serves, emphasizing its commitment to delivering the best talent to those in need.

CAP’s accreditation program, established in the early 1960s, upholds standards equivalent to or exceeding those of state inspection programs, ensuring the highest quality of laboratory care. During the accreditation process, CAP inspectors thoroughly assess laboratory records, quality, management, and specifications to ensure compliance with the organization’s rigorous standards.

The American Society of Pathologists (CAP) is the premier accrediting body for laboratories and laboratory testing physicians worldwide, dedicated to promoting excellence in pathology and laboratory medicine. For more information, visit