Hospital 57357 receives the Joint Commission International, JCI’s quality accreditation for the second time

In attendance of the JCI delegation, the Hospital’s CEO, management and a large crowd of employees, 57357 celebrated the first renewal of the JCI accreditation. JCI accredits hospitals around the world for the quality of medical services, safety measurements, infection control and the application of the latest world standards in education, development, technology, research and others, all of which the Hospital successively met for the second time as it received its first accreditation in 2016

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The Joint Commission International, JCI granted the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 the healthcare quality accreditation for the second time after going through the Hospital’s compliance with all the required standards which amount to almost 1200. As per the visiting JCI delegation, it was found that only 14 standards were partially met and where there was room for further improvement. As such, the Hospital’s JCI accreditation was renewed with a compliance rate of 98.8%.The JCI accreditation renewal process is carried out every three years.

Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, Executive Director of 57357 Group and the Hospital’s general manager, highlighted that the JCI delegation went through the compliance of the Hospital with quality standards in medical and non-medical fields such as applying latest treatment protocols, safety measures, infection control, latest international standards in education, development, technology, research, patients’ rights, nursing practices, sanitary measures and food safety. He added on behalf of the entire Hospital staff and management that they will not be satisfied with this success and that they will continue to face more challenges aiming to reach highest quality standards.

Dr. Shaimaa Elmeniawy, quality and performance improvement department head, shared that the compliance rate the Hospital has achieved this time is unprecedented in Egypt and the Middle East recalling that compliance rate was 98.3 at the time of the first accreditation in 2016.

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