Africa Unites to Cure Children with Cancer

We are honored and pleased to announce the visit of twenty-three Ambassadors of Africa to Hospital 57357 this March. It is inspiring to see all the African Nations unite for a common cause: to provide treatment to children with cancer.

The twenty-three African Ambassadors, headed by Ambassador Mona Omar met with children at Hospital 57357 along with the hospital’s Vice President, Academic Affairs, Research and Outreach and Fundraising teams. The teams presented the mission and vision of Hospital 57357, including and how it operates and provides treatment to children through donations exclusively.

Africa’s Ambassadors to Egypt Visit Hospital 57357

The distinguished guests toured the various hospital departments, sections, services and had opportunities to speak with the staff and children. The visitors were impressed by the quality of health services, the fact that children continue school studies during their hospital stay, and the overall atmosphere of the hospital, to which extent one ambassador stated, ‘… I do not feel I’m in a hospital, this place looks more like a children’s club, the natural light, the waiting areas, and the play rooms provide distraction and entertainment to the children…. It looks rather a cheerful place than a hospital in the conventional sense…”

Today Hospital 57357 is approaching a 5 anniversary landmark of dedication on the part of all to curing children with cancer. The cooperation between Hospital 57357 and the African Nations can improve health care services for young cancer patients, a priority, by leveraging the unique and leading experience and knowledge of Hospital 57357 in Africa.