I was fighting cancer for 9 years …Hospital 57357 is my home and my support.
Today, I am 17 years old. I’ve been receiving treatment in 57357 for 9 years, which means that 57357 became my second home where I spent half of my age. My case was tough, a tumor in the eye, 3 major surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Long treatment and high cost, but 57357 covered all costs until I recovered.
In 57357, I wasn’t just receiving treatment, but the Hospital offered me all possibilities to resume my studies, take the exam at the Hospital, and pass it with excellence. As such, I was not left behind and I took the exam with my schoolmates. Thanks be to God, I succeeded with a rate of 92.5% and I could join the faculty of my dreams, the faculty of languages and translation.
I cannot forget the day when I entered the operation room for the first time to remove a big tumor in my eye. I was 8 years old, terrified, but Dr. Abdullah Alhuseiny reassured me and said that he would only remove the tumor and that I would get better. The surgery was successful, and I received chemotherapy and radiotherapy for a year. I got better, and continued the follow up at the Hospital.
Fatema pursued telling us the whole story: after two years the doctors discovered a recurrence of the tumor, which was this time more aggressive. Dr. Alhusieny told me that the tumor was growing fast, that it may reach the brain, and that he would have to remove the eye to protect my life.
I had complete trust in Dr. Alhuseiny and in the Hospital. They reassured me and my parents. I can’t forget my brother’s great support, though he is younger than me. He said to the doctor:: “if my sister needs me to donate any organ in my body, I am ready”. Then I had a third surgery to prepare the location for an artificial eye. I received chemotherapy and radiotherapy again; all of this was covered totally by the Hospital which kept supporting me all for free.
I forgot to tell you that, throughout my treatment period, I used to spend a great time in the art therapy workshop. It enabled me to practice my hobby, and to display my paintings in an exhibition where they were sold.
I feel that 57357 is my second home, where I was reborn. When at first I was admitted, I was weak and terrified, but later on, during my stay at the Hospital, I learned how to face obstacles with determination and faith in God. Who ever donates to this place, will be blessed for being the vehicle for changing lives like mine.