Screen-Shot-2014-04-29-at-9.41.45-AM1Dr. Joseph Ibrahim is a consultant in vertebral column and back pain treatment and care in New Jersey. At a Coptic churches event in New Jersey, he met with Hospital 57357’s VP and was acquainted with Hospital 57357’s action in providing free quality care for Egyptian children with cancer. Touched by the work of this charitable institution, he made a contribution through its u.S. affiliate, Egypt Cancer Network, and promised to visit the Hospital during his next home visit. As promised, he came to the hospital in the first days of April, gave a lecture on back pain management and toured the different departments. In an e-mail to the Hospital VP, he shared his impressions about the Hospital: “I met with the staff physicians who are very dedicated, compassionate, and motivated to keep up with up to date information. The pharmacy department is one of a kind. The radiology department is a state of the art facility. I was impressed by the cleanliness. I saw the children in the playroom in a very good spirit. I also met with a teacher coming to give classes to in-patients so that they do not miss on their school classes. In summary in 57357 I saw the Egypt that we all are hoping to see as this is the model that if applied will bring back Egypt to the top of the world.

Previously in February, Hospital 57357 had received another Egyptian American pain management specialist, Dr Emad Attallah, Instructor, Boston Children’s Hospital Pain Program, and Harvard Medical School. He came as part of a Dana Farber/ Children’s Hospital Boston delegation of eminent U.S. pediatric oncology professionals responsible of the selection of final candidates for the newly instituted joint pediatric oncology fellowship.As this was Dr.Attalah’s first visit to Hospital57357, he could not but demonstrate his enthusiasm and excitement over all what has been accomplished at Hospital 57357. He expressed his pride in 57357 and said that it is on par with U.S. Hospitals and pledged to support it in every possible way.