“CCHE57357’S acquisition of the Cyber knife is a milestone for Egypt, Africa and the Middle East in the medical field”

“Congratulations 57357… every time I come, I find progress, even in times of global crisis”

Early this month, Dr. Hisham Al Saify, plastic surgeon and president of Egypt cancer network U.S   was on a visit to CCHE57357 during which Hospital patients, staff, and management surprised him with a birthday cake and a small celebration.  Dr. Al Saify was welcomed by Prof. Sherif Abo El-Naga CEO of 57357 Group and General Manager of the hospital, Dr. Nabil Ahmed, head of the scientific research in the hospital, and some of the hospital’s medical and administrative staff.

The visit started with the cyber knife building and equipment which is considered as an innovative technology within the field of radiotherapy and a therapeutic development that would ultimately result in improving patients’ outcomes and in increasing overall survival rates.   The cyber knife is regarded as a non-surgical option for cancer treatment to take out the tumor with no pain of the surgery, anesthesia and the patient’s lengthy stay in the hospital. Moreover, it also decreases the number of radiation sessions that the patient gets to a range between 1and 5 sessions only, while protecting healthy tissues and decreasing adverse side effects.

Dr Al Saify expressed his enthusiasm for the up-coming launch of the cyber Knife ” Today, I am on site the building that houses the Cyberknife technology equipment. Egypt Cancer Network US helped in sponsoring certain items pertaining to this new technology. Seeing live the device today is overwhelming, specially that it is only a month or two left for its kick off  and we know that this device is the only one in Egypt, in Africa and in the Middle East as well.

“Congratulations 57357 and every time I come, I find a new development and more progress, even in times of global crisis namely the Corona pandemic and the global economic crisis.” He added.

Dr Al-Saifi also stopped by the Proton therapy building and the clinical pharmacy where he saw the new machine for preparing, dispensing, and giving out  medications using a robotic system. He also visited patients in the Daycare unit, and checked out the smart infusion pumps which ECN US helped sponsoring for the hospital.  These smart pumps are prepared with modern technology to regulate the rate of flow of chemotherapy, which help in human errors prevention. Dr. Al Saify ended his tour by stopping at the data center, the intensive care unit, the pathology lab, and the recreation center.