Today, on the first day of Ramadan, Alaa had her last chemotherapy dose and started the follow-up phase of the treatment. Alaa is a nine year old girl from Menoufia who was admitted in 57357 in June 2016 and diagnosed with leukemia. She suffered from severe headaches and pain in her leg which made her unable to stand up.

Pediatric oncologist Dr. Saly Talaat, her treating physician explained to us in detail the nature of her illness and the treatment steps. She revealed that Alaa had 120 chemotherapy sessions during two and half years. She will come to the Hospital for follow up every month for the first year as the potential for recurrence is high during the first year, afterwards she will follow up over longer periods. According to Dr. Talaat, the survival rate for Alaa’s type of leukemia in 57357 is around 80%.

According to Alaa’s mother, Alaa could stand up without assistance after the first chemotherapy dose. “Alaa’s father and myself praised God and thanked him because our daughter was being treated in 57357. “This is surely the best pediatric oncology center which provides best quality services and compassionate and humanitarian comprehensive care free of charge and without discrimination”, shared the mom.  She added: “Hospital 57357 saved my daughter’s life and restored our joy of living. To each and every one who attempts to attack the Hospital, I say: Come and visit the place that is saving the lives of our children for free.  We should all donate to the hospital and contribute to the treatment and cure of our children. Today our joy is twofold: the last day of chemo for Alaa and the first day of Ramadan.”

Alaa expressed her happiness for ending her treatment and said:” I am thankful for 57357’s staff and  Dr. Sally who have helped me overcome this battle. I wish you all a happy Ramadan”