The mammography equipment was upgraded from analogue to digital technology. It is noteworthy that 57357 is presently endowed with a complete up to date breast cancer detection unit with the latest ultra-sound and bone-density equipment.  Besides being a source of revenue for the Hospital, the unit’s service surplus is enabling the Hospital to service the community and to participate on a national level in breast cancer detection campaigns.

Finally, the department is presently operating with the latest PACS (Picture and Archiving Communication Systems) technology which provides economical storage of and convenient access to radiology images from multiple modalities. Through this new technology, radiology images are one click away, enabling timely, efficient, and remote access of physicians to the images; which is particularly useful in emergencies and in telemedicine. The new system which is fully integrated to the Hospital’s informatics system,  enables it to store and archive its radiology images in a digital secure manner; saving costs of storage, and printing.