Amal is a seven and a half year old girl from Asyout fighting bravely cancer at Hospital 57357.

Despite her young age, she is facing a fierce enemy as bone cancer won the first round leading to the amputation of her left arm. Nevertheless, God granted her strength and determination to accept her condition with serenity and become a source of happiness for her friends patients in 57357. ”Amal suffered from severe pain and a mass in her left arm.

After x-rays and tests, her doctor advised her to go to 57357 immediately as the tests revealed a malignant tumor in the bones. We went to 57357 in the beginning of September 2020, and Amal was admitted by Dr. Usama Elrefaey. Her x-rays and tests were repeated and again showed bone cancer in her left arm. She received 4 chemotherapy doses, after which the follow up tests showed that the tumor did not respond to medication. After consultations, the doctors opted for amputation of her left arm to protect her life. The surgery was done by Dr. Ahmed Elghonaimy, after which her condition improved, the pains disappeared and she restored her laughter.

She was prescribed 13 chemotherapy doses, she has already received 6 doses and today will receive the seventh. Despite her young age, Amal used to inquire about her condition, and accept her situation with serenity. She directed her efforts towards encouraging and supporting her friends in 57357. Today she came to receive her chemotherapy dose after buying gifts for her friends from her own allowance.

Amal transformed her ordealinto an invitation for optimism I saved my allowance and bought gifts for my friend such as girls’ accessories and balloons, to cheer them up and alleviate their fears. I feel happy when I see my friends happy. I like hospital 57357 a lot, as they treat me, love me, and play with me. When I grow up I want to become a doctor and work for 57357. With your support to Amal and her counterparts, you enable us to complete their treatment journey and overcome cancer.