Amany is one of 57357 heroes. She is a strong fighter who would not accept losing her battle against cancer, she has passion for life and wishes to graduate from Mass Communication faculty to become a successful montage specialist.

We chatted with Amani about her journey in 57357and she shared the following: I was admitted to 57357 for the first time in September 2013 when I was 15 years. I was diagnosed with leukemia, and received treatment until the beginning of 2017. By the end of 2017 I had a relapse and started a new journey with treatment. My second treatment journey will end in two months, God willing.

Getting cancer was a chock for me but I talked with God and I was reassured

When I was admitted to the Hospital for the first time, the first night of hospitalization I couldn’t sleep and so I started to speak to God. I told him that I was angry and scared as my life seemed to come to an end: I would no longer be living  like all girls of my age, and I cried a lot. I received his reply in my heart and I found myself telling myself that I will consider cancer a simple disease and will pursue my treatment and God Willing, I will recover. I pursued my treatment for three years during which I joined Mass Communication Faculty, montage department, and I defeated cancer for the first time.

57357 is my second home, they taught me how to accept the challenge for the second time, the Hospital became an important part of my life

Relapsing with cancer was not a chock for me as I am still convinced that cancer can be defeated if I deal with it as with any other disease. In that respect,I received a lot of support and reassurance from Dr. Sonya Mahmoud, my volunteers friends, as well as the art therapy workshop’s team, Amani, Samar and Karawan who coached me on how to forget about my illness and concentrate on things that would make me happy. When I used to meet a new admitted child in 57357 I  reassured him and told him not to be scared since he will be surrounded by love, excellent care and support from everyone in the Hospital. Presently, I am receiving training in the 57357 Foundation’s media department.

I love Ramadan in 57357 because I spend most of the time with my friends, survivors and volunteers

During Ramadan I love 57357’s festive atmosphere and decorations which diffuse joy and wellness. In 57357, I feel like every day in Ramadan is a feast, and  I am praying to God to end this pandemic crisis quickly so that the Hospital would receive visits and people could see what the Hospital is doing for us. This Hospital is a great blessing for us and I am asking everyone to pursue support and donations as we need it to complete our treatment journey. No matter how difficult the present circumstances are, with your support and compassion we can go through it. May God make our days in Ramadan filled with joy, peace and blessings.​