A stellar group of ECN donors to continue their support to Egypt’s cancer patients

Extreme generosity and enthusiasm from donors to support 57357’s new beds project  

Last Saturday, May 16, a virtual meeting took place in attendance of Dr. Nabila Makram Ebeid, Minister of Immigration Affairs, Dr. Mohamed El Erian, 57357 honorary Chairman, Dr amro Ezzat Salama, 57357 board president , Dr. Lotfi El Badrawy, AFNCI board president, Dr. Hesham El Seify, ECN, U.S. board President, Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, Hospital 57357 CEO, and a group of ECN board members in the US and Canada as well as faithful ECN and 57357 supporters, public and media figures such as anchor, Hala Sarhan, actor Mohamed Sobhi, Singer Anoushka and men of religion such as Dr. Amr Alwardany, Secretary general of Al Fatwa Committee

During the meeting several topics were raised including:

  • The Covid 19 crisis with Minster Nabila Makram discussing the problem of the return of Egyptians working abroad to their homeland, Dr. Abouel El Naga reporting  pandemic precautions taken by 57357 and Dr. Wardany ‘s initiative of encouraging Muslims to donate the money they set aside for visiting holy places to supporting charitable institutions.
  • Latest figures and achievements of  57357 Group, ECN US, AFNCI and its role in supporting the National cancer Institute and Hospital 57357
  • 57357’s strategy in a nutshell presented by Amr Osman, strategy consultant for 57357. Osman explained how 57357’s  vision , mission and goals were cascaded into objectives which are directly linked to performance operation through key performance indicators with the aim of changing people’s culture at 57357 and achieving operational governance, growth,  and sustainability.
  • Presentation by Hala Sarhan of world renowned economist and thinker, Dr. El Erian and his latest book “When markets collide”.

Highlights of the meeting were the generous donations of Dr. El Erian, Laila, Sarah & family, Laila Pence, and Michael Lakah, a special acknowledgement from Dr. El Seify to ECN, US strong supporters Tarek sharawy, Atef Sallam, Mark Kieran and Hisham El Askari  and the rush of ECN and 57357 supporters to contribute to buying new beds for the Hospital including  Actor Mohamed Sobhy  ,Hisham El Askari, Ihab Tawfiq ,Joseh Ibrahim, Safwan Ali , Ismaiel Badrawy  and Mahmoud El Awady.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our charity partners thanks to whom we can carry on to win our battle against cancer.

To view the complete zoom meeting please go to : https://www.facebook.com/EgyptCancerNetwork57357/videos/541171866570544/?vh=e

To donate to a bed for 57357 : https://www.egyptcancernetwork.org/bed/