IMG_8474In anticipation of the 6th of October celebrations, on Sept. 25, 2014, Hospital 57357 organized a visit to the new Suez Canal project for 50 of its recovered patients and a number of foundations and hospital staff and management.  Taking part in the trip were war veterans, Major General Tolba Radwan, the famous “Tabet El Shagara” battle hero, Major Gen.  Abou Bakr Hamed, war heroes, Mostafa El Hamawy, Adel Mostafa , and a number of public figures. Also present were Dr. Mohamed Gemeaa, El Azhar delegate and Father Bolous Sourour, the Coptic Church representative as well as 57357’s  Board of trustees President,Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, 57357 Foundation’s Secretary General, Dr. Ashraf Saad Zaghloul The visitors were welcomed by Major General Mohamed El Shahat, leader of the Second field Army and his Assistant, General Adel El Ghadban.

Hospital 57357 is no less important than the new Suez Canal development project, said Gen Adel El Ghadban, Assistant Head of the Second field Army. In his address to 57357’s children during their visit to the digging site, El Ghadban affirms that the idea of soliciting donations from all Egyptians for the establishment of the Hospital was inspiring for a lot of endeavors among which the new Suez Canal project. He adds that Hospital 57357 is the embodiment of charitable giving, as people rallied their efforts around it to turn it into a great achievement. Today, the great Egyptian People are once again demonstrating great generosity by rallying around the Suez Canal project.

“The purpose of the project is not only to dig a new passage but to develop the entire canal area; the new 35 km long passage way will allow more and bigger ships to cross on parallel sides alongside a number of touristic and urban projects for the whole area,” explains El Ghadban

57357’s visit to the new Suez Canal project sends the following message to the world: the people and the Army are joining forces….The people of Egypt are keen on supporting national projects and on rallying around them. This visit to a victorious  battle site was a source of encouragement to the children and a vivid example of willpower, and hope in defeating cancer.

Memorable quotes from the visit:

Major General Mohamed El Shahat to the children: Army men are always ready to sacrifice their lives for Egypt

Major General Adel Ghadban:  Egyptians’ generosity was behind 57357’s success and once again behind the Suez canal Project

Dr. Mohamed Gemea: the children’s visit to the project gives them hope, determination and the ability to challenge the disease.

Father Bolous Sourour: today I feel that Egypt is empowered…the project is a new mandate from the people to the President

Patient Abdel Rahman Ashraf: I heard a great deal about the Suez Canal project, I am happy I visited the project site and met with our army heroes. I am privileged to have seen the workers on site in the desert…I will tell all my friends and encourage them to come and visit this place.

Patient Jana : Today I heard many stories about October Heroes…..I saw the places where they fought and won battles….Now I know how much they do to ensure Egypt’s protection….I love the army and I love El Sissy.

Patient Ahmed: they call us heroes because we endure the pain and we overcome the illness….still I want to become an army hero just as those we met today for the sake of protecting Egypt.