Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357 should be proud of their many firsts. They have led Egypt in a number of important clinical and technological areas. The hospital can now add to their growing list of accomplishments the1st conference in Egypt on therapeutic nutrition, which promoted healthy nutrition for cancer patients as well as ways to ensure safe diets for the prevention of diseases. The conference organizer, Clinical Nutritionist Association, presented six pivotal themes: therapeutic nutrition, general nutrition, microbiology in food products, environmental safety to ensure safe and healthy food, technology and nutrition. Next steps include an Arabic and English internet site with services and information for researchers in the nutrition field. Conference sponsors included: International Life Sciences Institute, BiotechCity, Quest Advanced Systems and technology House, Egyptian council for Therapeutical Nutrition and Nestle. A number of experts in the field, professors from Cairo, Ain Shams, Menoufia, and Helwan Universities, and members of the National Nutrition Institute all participated in the conference.

Other firsts for the hospital include:

  • 1st specialized department of psychosocial oncology in Egypt
  • 1st child life and school program in Egypt for hospitalized children
  • 1st comprehensive physiotherapy department for oncology patients in Egypt
  • 1st PET/CT scan in Egypt and cyclotron
  • 1st fully digitized hospital in Egypt, including Medical Records (better than 95% of U.S. hospitals)
  • 1st research department in Egypt with an Internal Review Board, Scientific Medical Advisory Committee, Central Research and Protocol M
  • onitoring Office as well as 20 healthcare professionals who have developed into a new role of Clinical Research Associate
  • 1st in Egypt to offer intensive continuing education program for staff