IMG_9766-455x199Among the students participating in 57537’s annual competition event for school children ,was 12 year old boy “Yussuf “ , who received treatment at 57357 and is on his way to recovery from cancer. In spite of his disease, Yussuf enjoys a healthy appearance, and as such many of his school mates didn’t know about his illness.

They were informed for the first time about his disease during the event when he revealed on stage” I came here to donate and to encourage my friends with cancer at 57357 to bravely fight the disease as I did. My case was so serious but now I am on the verge of recovery and have returned back to my school and friends”. Yussuf will have his last 2 chemotherapy sessions next month and then he will just come for follow-up.

Since Yussuf was 8 years old, he was hit with a rare kind of tumor growing slowly under his skull bones causing jaw bone erosion. In 2011 he was admitted at 57357, where a sample of the tumor was taken to identify its kind and the proper treatment plan. Two types of chemotherapy treatment were applied. He finished the first type within 34 weeks. At the end of next May he will finish the 2nd type which takes 40 weeks. His body responded well to the chemotherapy and he was able to defeat the disease.

“I was shaking in fear when I came to the Hospital for the first time and was told that I had to have brain surgery. But I was reassured by my physician Emad Mousa who was always encouraging me and giving me hope .It was expected that I would never hear again after the surgery but thanks to God, these expectations failed. I can hear, and now I am on the road of complete recovery and have returned back to my school life.” added Yussuf, describing briefly his experience at the Hospital.

After finishing completely his chemotherapy, an evaluation will be made as a final confirmation to start the follow-up phase. Fortunately, his jaw bones will naturally start to reform again as he is still under seventeen.

Yussuf’s mother reveals,” After a7 months journey of consultations with physician to no avail, I lost the hope in my son’s cure. The last physician we went to advised me to take him to Hospital 57357 and there we met with Dr. Emad who is following my son’s case. With the expertise and physical and mental care provided by every one working here, day by day my son’s case is in continuous improvement,. Finally, I could also restore my joy of living.”

With the donations and support of all charitable people, the average over-all survival rate at 57357 has reached 70% . Continue to support us so that many other children and their families like Yussuf and his mother would have the same opportunity of receiving quality healthcare ,cure (God Willing) and hope in a brighter future!