Our little 6 year old hero Aser  from Alexandria who appears in one of the Hospital’s ads, captivated the attention of viewers for his wit and cuteness. He was admitted to 57357 in 2019 when he was 4 years old. Currently he is still receiving treatment for leukemia.

We met with his mother in one of his visits to receive medication. The most important characteristics of Aser is his vitality and love for football. Falling during playing and feeling pain in his knee were the reasons to take him to the orthopedic doctor who requested blood tests and x-rays, after which they discover the leukemia.

“We went to 57357 and he was admitted when came his turn. In the beginning I thought we would need connections to be admitted and to receive good care but soon I discovered that this place carries mercy for everyone,” shared Aser’s mother. “They treat all patients equally with compassion, not just the child but his family too. We met with Dr. Ahmed Emad who explained to us his condition and all the treatment stages. He reassured us and gave us hope in his recovery. After the first chemotherapy dose the pain in Aser’s knee disappeared. He started laughing again and made friendships with nurses. His best friend was Dr. Emad who was the reason he loved 57357”, added the mother.

“I wish if everyone would donate to 57357. Here in the Hospital they take good care of all our children and treat them equally, providing them with the best quality treatment which could cost more than a million pounds per patient,” said the mother. “In the Hospital I have met people from all social classes. I’ve seen very modest people who wouldn’t be able to afford the treatment if charitable people wouldn’t donate to the Hospital. I am inviting everyone to come and visit 57357 to see the high quality care it offers its children. They don’t just offer free of charge treatment they would also cover the cost of transportation to the Hospital for needy patients’ families. May God protect 57357 to enable it to pursue its support to children with cancer,” revealed Aser’s mum.

We chatted with Aser who said: I love photography and would like to be a model. When I grow up I would like to become an actor. I love 57357 and I am asking my friends to come and visit me at the Hospital. All the nurses here are my friends, they play with me. Dr. Emad is the one I love the most.  I am asking people to donate to 57357 so that I and all my counterparts here would be able to complete our treatment and be healed.

With your support Aser and his brothers and sisters will pursue their treatment and achieve their dreams of cure .