20140831_151247I met them in the play room near the out-patient clinics. At first it was his mother’s beautiful smile that drew my attention. She was sitting in one corner of the play room waiting patiently as her seven year old was completely absorbed in a computer game with four of his peers. I asked her if it was alright for her to tell me her story. She opened her heart to me, convinced that it was her duty to share her experience and her own way of expressing gratitude to God and to all the Hospital staff. Mohamed Ahmed Ali , her younger son was born 9 years after his elder brother. He was a normal healthy baby up until the age of three months when she started noticing that he was losing weight. At six months coincidently with the start of teething, he vomited frequently and exhibited great fatigue. Thank God for his pediatrician, who insisted on making tests and scans that revealed he had liver cancer. At this point, I stop her, astonished that babies as old as six months could be struck with liver cancer. She meant to reassure me and reassure herself : Thank God, Mohamed is well, we just come to the Hospital for follow-up. We have come a long way since he was first diagnosed. But God was with me every step of the way, God was even ahead of me every step of the way! Mohamed is blessed to be diagnosed in 2007, six months after the Hospital was opened. He received pre-surgery chemotherapy and when the time came for his surgery, thank God the Hospital operation theaters were being launched. His surgery which lasted 9 hours was successful and the totality of the tumor was removed. When Mohamed was two years old , he had completed his treatment. We now come for follow-up every three to five months. In the first year following his recovery, we would come practically every month. When I had to take taxis to bring him to the Hospital, taxi drivers would refuse to let me pay. I was blessed with a wonderful team of physicians and healthcare professionals who took excellent care of Mohamed. Now, if you see Mohamed, you would never suspect he was sick with liver cancer. He is an active, healthy looking seven year old boy who tells me that he loves coming to the hospital to play with the other children. He also tells me that he dreams of becoming an army officer. His mother reveals to me that Mohamed has no recollection of the time he was sick with cancer. If God allowed us to go peacefully through this ordeal, he will never forsake us. In fact, casinoin.us God was always ahead of us , making things easier for both of us. I am confident that he has a great future in store for Mohamed! I chatted with Dr. Lobna, Mohamed’s physician about his condition: this is a rare type of cancer in children, hepatoblastoma, it mostly occurs in infants up to two years old. Mohamed needed a very complicated surgery which was handled with remarkable success by his surgeon, Dr. Alaa Younes. Seeing Mohamed now, you would never suspect the critical condition he was in when he was first admitted to the Hospital. Thank God! He is completely cured, and all of his ordeal is behind us now.