AUC President, Lisa Anderson looks forward to collaborating with 57357 in education, research and experimental learning: 57357 is the model Institution AUC wishes to work with in Healthcare Sciences and Education

AUC Trustee, Bruce Ludwig, on visit to 57357: “This is one of the proudest moments I ever had in a long time”

During her visit to the Hospital on Saturday, Jan, 21st, 2012, together with Dr. Amr Ezzat, Former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Provost, Prof. Medhat Haroun, Lisa Anderson revealed that out of the various appeals, they have been receiving to join forces in the healthcare sciences field, “57357 stands out as the model AUC wishes to collaborate with.” Both Institutions, 57357 and AUC do things well and aspire to very high standards; collaborating together will strengthen them more”, she added during a meeting she held with Hospital and Foundation top management . The meeting, which included heads of the departments of Radiology, Clinical pharmacy, IT, Medical Engineering, Fundraising, Research , Labs, Nursing, business development and a number of pediatric oncologists, gave the AUC delegation the chance to be acquainted with their aspirations and visions as to cooperation venues with AUC.

At the end of her visit, Mrs. Anderson highlighted the fact that AUC which has been serving Egypt academically since 1919 is intending to take a step in the medical field and considers the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 as a model partner as the hospital is a market place for continued education and experimental learning. It is noteworthy that this visit follows an initial visit earlier this month by Dr.Amr Ezzat during which he appreciated the unique potential of the 57357 Institution in being a magnet of quality care and a platform for the pursuit of scientific research and the dissemination of Knowledge and Education.

Recently, at the request of the visiting AUC delegation, Heads of Hospital and Foundation Departments were invited to reciprocate and meet with the deans of the different schools in an attempt to form smaller focus groups which could further define and conceptualize the channels of cooperation with respect to the different interest areas. This meeting which took place on Feb. 5th at AUC’s new campus was instrumental in bringing together people with common interests from both institutions to form work teams which would start the actual process of collaboration.

In a further development, Lisa Anderson who was keen to bring this nascent relationship to a higher level, took the initiative 10 days later to invite the AUC Board of trustees who

were on their annual visit to Cairo to spend a morning at the hospital. Our distinguished guests were all “impressed by the quality of the building and facilities and the obvious commitment of the people” as expressed by Thomas Bartlett, a former AUC President who was also encouraged and excited by the fact that the hospital is already approaching world cure rates of 80 to 85% as it is recording a 70% over all survival rate after 4 years of operations. Bruce Ludwig, hopes that “there will be a collaboration between our two institutions” as he admits that he who was always proud of AUC and its action in Egypt is learning a new lesson in how to be proud after coming to Hospital 57357. William Rugh, a former diplomat in Cairo, vows to tell everybody at home in the U.S how “ the CCHE is an incredible place that deserves their support.”