A man can achieve what his mind can perceive and believe in. This statement is applicable to Dr. Aya’s life journey which was marked by her illness as she got cancer before reaching the age of 15. Physicians told her family that the chance of her recovery is slim as her body was so exhausted and didn’t respond well to treatment. Brave Aya didn’t give up, she decided to stand up for the fight. The journey to her victory over her illness started at 57357 and eventually she was healed and decided to pay back the place that granted her cure.

Aya Asem is an outgoing young pharmacist who is used to face her challenges with courage. She earned her valor  through the harsh experience she went through when she got cancer. Equipped with strong faith and belief in her capabilities she could survive the tough experience and now she talks about it as a past episode.

Aya shared with us her story with cancer: before reaching 15 while I was in first year of high school I got influenza symptoms with high fever. The investigations showed low rate of hemoglobin and I was diagnosed with anemia that required staying in the hospital. After four days in the hospital my treating doctor told my father that I should go to Hospital 57357. My parents took me to 57357 while I didn’t know the truth about my illness. I was admitted to 57357 from day one, and they specified the chemotherapy dose I needed. I realized what was happening but refused to believe that I had leukemia. By time I started to accept the fact, thanks to my parents and to 57357’s doctors and nurses who calmed me down and prepared me psychologically to accept my illness. My morale was improving which boosted my response to medication as I didn’t respond well in the beginning. In 57357 they never gave up on me, they supported me morally until my body responded to treatment and the test revealed good response.

About working for the Hospital, Aya reveals: I remember that I was admitted to the Hospital in December, 2013, one month before the first semester exam. Because of my special circumstances I expected not to be able to go through the exam but I was surprised when one of the Hospital staff asked me if I was ready for it. I told my mother that my condition won’t enable me to go to the exam, but the Hospital worker said that 57357 offers the chance to have the exam inside the Hospital for inpatients. As soon as I heard that I started to study hard and my morale improved. I took both the first and the second semesters’ exams together at the end of the school year. Since chemotherapy treatment spans more than three years, I was still pursuing treatment when I  passed high school’s final exam with a  success rate of 96%. After seeing the interest and motivation  of pharmacists who work in 57357’s clinical pharmacy department, I decided to join the faculty of pharmacy. I prayed to God to grant me healing and a chance to work for 57357 so I would spend my life serving the place that granted me cure. God responded to my prayers and the Hospital accepted me as an intern. Now I am getting ready for the graduation exam while working for the Hospital that I see as the greatest place in Egypt. Without this Hospital, thousands of children would not have a chance to be treated and cured from the dreadful disease.