Ayan from Suez, is 4 years old. He started his treatment journey in Hospital 57357 a week ago.

“We discovered Ayan’s sickness by chance, when he fell on his head while playing with his relatives”, shared Ayan’s mother. We hurried to the Hospital where he had x-rays on his arm, leg and brain. It was a surprise when the neurologist requested an MRI, and when he saw it he told us that Ayan has brain tumor. He advised us to go to 57357. It was a big shock and I couldn’t believe the doctor as my son had no serious complaints before that fall. Upon the doctor’s insistence, we went to 57357, and we were admitted in our turn. Before they start any treatment, Ayan went through x-rays and blood tests, and then he underwent a surgery, all of this within only one week. In 57357, we were met with kindness and care that are not found elsewhere. We used to watch 57357’s ads, but I didn’t really believe what I saw in these ads, until we came here to find that they actually offer more quality services than what they circulate.

I wish if people would come to visit the Hospital and see what they offer to our children. Personally, I started to ask our neighbors and friends to donate to 57357 and I wish to collect the cost of an equipped room. The preliminary diagnosis of Ayan is low grade glioma, and the estimated cost of his case is 320 thousand pounds.