Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE), ECN’s major partner South Korean Bandin Egypt, welcomed the South Korean band “Beautiful Mind” to the hospital campus in late January of 2013. The band, which goes by the slogan “If you want to give, don’t wait for anything in return”, was initially invited to perform at the Cairo Opera House by the Republic of Korea’s cultural consul in Cairo, Mr. Jae Yang Park.  Upon arriving offered to provide the patients and staff of CCHE with an additional concert of both classical and traditional Korean music.

The concert was a true inspiration to the audience of children, staff and families who attended. One particular member of the ensemble, the pianist Mr. Kim Kiong, shared a touching personal story of his determination in overcoming the handicap of his motor abilities. Similarly, he encouraged the young patients of CCHE to overcome their own health challenges by pursuit of their dreams with great determination. Beautiful Mind ended their concert by performing the well—known Egyptian song “Because We Are Bound To Be Together” which elicited full vocal participation of the audience.South Korean Band 2

Prior to their performance, Beautiful Mind was given a full tour of CCHE’s premises, after which they expressed their amazement at CCHE’s commitment to its patients through providing free and quality healthcare services without prejudice.

According to the band’s director, Dr. Bai Il-Hwan, “We [seek] to spread love and charitable giving without discrimination.” He also added that he was thrilled to have Beautiful Mind perform for CCHE’s children, adding that he saw music as an international language – a form of communication that knows no limitation.

On behalf of CCHE, ECN extends its thanks to Beautiful Mind for their performance and for the inspiration they gave to their audience. The children and staff of CCHE look forward to receiving you in the future!