Mr. Ibrahim Higazy, a renowned sports presenter and journalist, was welcomed by Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) in the third week of October 2012 and spent his time encouraging the patients. In doing so he referenced his history as a soldier in the Egyptian army in the 1970s, during which he served Egypt in a particularly trying time in the region’s history.

It was eleven years ago that Mr. Higazy helped spur the fundraising campaign amongst secondary school and college students to raise 22 million Egyptian pounds to build the original CCHE complex. Mr. Higazy has again vouched his support for the expansion of the current CCHE campus, the next major project at hand, to which ECN is a major contributor.

Noting his service in his conversations with the children, he attested to the fact that “cancer itself is a difficult battle” but that the compassionate treatment that CCHE 57357 gives its patients lessens the burden. He was extremely impressed by CCHE not only for its existence as a state-of-the-art pediatric oncology center, but also by the quality of the services provided to children for free. In his closing words to a small assembled audience of Egyptian and American expatriates, he remarked that a visit to CCHE would prove to anyone that anything is possible when people work together as a team.