As we celebrate the advent of Eid El Fetr, we remember our families and friends back home in our beloved Egypt and in the MENA region. We are thankful to ECN and its different chapters spread throughout the U.S., for creating a solid and compassionate channel of communication between Egypt and the U.S. , enabling us to bond with the less privileged in Egypt and to contribute to its welfare. In this respect, we rejoice over the birth of a new chapter in San Francisco, California and promising support from the Bay area. Through ECN, we are closer to Egypt and more particularly to its cancer patients. Thanks to the efforts of ECN’s board members, chapter leaders, advocates and volunteers, we are informed of the wonderful accomplishments of praiseworthy charitable initiatives and institutions such as the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 and the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free initiative (AFNCI) and enabled to contribute to the realization of their goals.

We are grateful for all the support we receive here in the U.S from people from all walks of life who are donating of their time and money for the sake of Egypt’s cancer patients. Presently, ECN members are eager to rally the younger generation of Egyptian Americans around ECN’s mission and vision. As such, they welcome and encourage initiatives such as ECN at VCU( Virginia Commonwealth University ) which is a non-profit student organization that has worked closely with ECN USA to help involve college students in the worldwide fight against cancer and more specifically this year in supporting Egypt’s Hospital 57357. Another initiative is the recent establishment of an Egypt Cancer Network’s Youth Club and its potential to engage second generation Egyptian-American youth.

But the Joy of Eid El Fetr would not be complete without being able to share it with the less fortunate, for example those who are not able to find room at Hospital 57357 because of overstretched capacity or over-loaded physicians. ECN was already instrumental for the completion of the architectural schematic design for 57357’s future expansion Campus. It also contributed to the successful establishment of the joint 57357/Dana Farber Boston Children’s pediatric oncology fellowship program.

We are hopeful that together we can contribute to the actual construction of the first phase of 57357’s expansion Campus which was recently launched at the end of June, including a larger out-patient building, a proton therapy facility, and a smart administrative and advanced research building. This capacity and program expansion Campus will enable the Hospital to double its present capacity and cater to 80% of annual pediatric cancer cases in Egypt.
Help us to hold on to 57357’s vision of working towards a cancer-free childhood

Have a blessed and Happy Eid!