No act is nobler than sacrificing what is most dear and valuable to us: our comfort, our money, our time and in the absolute what we hold as most precious to us. This is precisely the true meaning of Eid El Adha which we are about to celebrate shortly.

On this occasion, we want to wish ECN friends, partners, chapter members and administrators a very blessed and happy Eid!

Thanks to your efforts and sacrifices, we have been able to sustain our support  to Egypt’s cancer patients amid these past difficult and bleak times of the Corona crisis.  As life is slowly returning to normality, a ray of hope in a brighter future is slowly forging its way into our hearts, enticing us to multiply efforts and to renew our commitments towards our noble cause.

The number one lesson we are learning from this pandemic is that we are all in it together and that humanity is on a long journey for the triumph of life.  It is only by joining efforts and sacrifices that we shall overcome .

Have a blessed Eid!