Ramadan is back again! As we look back at the past year, we feel grateful to ECN volunteers and supporters for their solidarity, insight, and unwavering support to the cause of the children with cancer in Egypt. Early on, they became aware of the necessity to rise up to the huge challenge facing Hospital 57357 at present, which is to complete its program and capacity expansion projects. In terms of capacity, the expansion will double the number of patients that could be admitted; while in terms of programs, it will enable the introduction of new therapies and equipment namely proton therapy and cyberknife. Both the cyber-knife and proton therapy have the particularity of preserving the healthy cells and decreasing the side effects of treatment, offering improved chances of cure and better patient outcomes.

Meanwhile, ECN, U.S. administration and donors were faithful to their on-going commitment to support 57357’s training and research programs which benefit healthcare professionals in Egypt and the surrounding region and contribute to improving standards of care, raising survival rates and improving the quality of life of cancer patients

In 2018, the patient safety and quality management by the Joint Commission International JCI, the Skaggs School of pharmacy and the joint 57357/ Dana Farber Boston Children’s pediatric oncology fellowship training programs as well as the Harvard Medical School HMS-HMX on line courses received support from ECN. ECN US also sponsored the 57357’s open sesame learning and development program for the Hospital and Foundation staff and the Articulate 360, an annual subscription that includes all what is needed for e-learning course development.

In support of research and the scientific advancement of Hospital 57357, ECN sponsored the YTD Sciex Triple TOF 5600 for the proteomics unit and the Miseq-DX instrument for the genomics unit.

Among the challenges that lie ahead ECN U.S. is its commitment  towards future projects that are  contributing to the improvement of patient care such as financing the CT simulation equipment related to the cyber-knife technology, the latest version of food trays and carts and the yearly on-going project, the secure link software.

We are confident that together with all of ECN donors, volunteers, chapter leaders, and board members we can rise up to these challenges. We are grateful for your faithfulness, on-going support and commitment to pursue 57357’s vision of a cancer-free childhood.

Have a Blessed Ramadan!