The Holy Month is already coming to an end! May the upcoming Eid be a blessed time of   joyful gatherings and celebrations with family and friends! In spite of the political circumstances and economic instability resulting from the war in Ukraine, we still wish you the best on this occasion, and may the Eid bring forth many blessings and the hope of a better tomorrow.

At this time, words of gratitude are in order to all ECN friends, supporters, administrators and board members in the US and Canada.

Indeed, you have been many to demonstrate your solidarity, generosity, and resolve to pursue your wonderful work in support of Egypt’s cancer patients. This was evident during the two recent successful fundraising events in California and Florida. Also, in Canada, you rushed to contribute to the annual fundraising Iftar event which was held in Brampton, Ontario on April 16, 2022 in honor of the departed and most regretted ECN Canada Board member, Mr. Mohamed Metwally.

Also, during this Ramadan, in the U.S. and in Canada, you have been attentive to Hospital 57357’s pressing need to increase the capacity of their Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) unit. Launched in 2009 when the Hospital capacity was half its present one, the 9 bed unit started with the autologous program but soon developed and progressed to include 2 other BMT programs. Despite the increase in number of admitted patients and the introduction of more transplant programs, the number of beds have not increased accordingly. Presently at Hospital 57357, out of 300 eligible cases for BMT yearly, only one third can be treated due to their limited capacity.

ECN can change the destinies of thousands of children, rekindling their hope in cure by sponsoring the BMT expansion project to increase its capacity to 27 beds.

We are hopeful that together we can contribute to the realization of this expansion that will give a second chance at life to hundreds of children with cancer, and the opportunity of cure to many more who would otherwise be condemned from the start.

Help us to hold on to 57357’s vision of working towards a cancer-free childhood!

Have a blessed and happy Eid El Fetr!